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Van security gates installed in a commercial van

We are thrilled to expand our range of van leasing services to include the installation of van security gates.

The rise in van-related crimes across the country has become a concerning issue, with many businesses facing significant financial losses and operational disruptions. That's why we partnered with Mundy Van Security, the winner of the Most Trusted Van Security Company of 2024, to offer you a straightforward yet incredibly effective solution to protect your van and valuable tools. Thanks to this collaboration, you now have the opportunity to incorporate security gates seamlessly into your van lease deal.

What's even better is that this service is available to our customers at a discounted price, providing added value to your van leasing experience.

Keep your van and hard earned tools safe with van security gates

Van security gates are specialised internal metal crate doors designed to be fitted in the loading area directly behind the van doors. The primary purpose of van security gates is to protect the contents of the van from theft or vandalism. Their strong metal construction and secure locking mechanism act as a shield against potential thieves, making it more difficult for them to break into the vehicle.

Mundy Van Security gates and alarms

Mundy Van Security offers a wide range of bespoke van security gates to fit all commercial vehicles, from small panel vans like the Berlingo to large models such as the LWB Ford Transit.

The gates are robust, reliable and stylish, ensuring that your new van stays both safe and aesthetically pleasing. They are finished in black and typically feature galvanised steel mesh, which provides an extra level of protection. However, you can have the gates without the mesh if that's what you prefer.

Moreover, Mundy's gates utilise high-quality security locks and hinges, ensuring top-notch security for your new van. All gates are keyed alike, simplifying access management, and are provided with three spare keys for your convenience.

Additionally, all van gates can be fitted with an alarm for maximum protection.

Full gates and bi-fold options

The gates can be installed behind the rear door (tail gate), as well as the side sliding door (side gate). Furthermore, they come in standard one-piece or bi-fold options, catering to all van makes and models.

It's worth adding that while bi-fold gates don't offer additional security benefits, they do provide more convenience for those working in confined spaces.

Standard gates

Bi-fold gates

Van security gates put to the test

Watch the video below to see Mundy Van Security testing their security gates.

These gates are my 5th generation of security gate and now currently on my 9th version. It was time for an upgrade so we decided to give this old gates a test before they get removed and upgraded. This test is to see how sturdy they are, and newer version of these gates has more and better contact point than this version.

-Mundy Van Security

And, as a bonus, you have the opportunity to watch real-life thieves attempting to break into the van!

One-off cost: Door gates can be removed and installed in your next lease van

Moundy's gates are designed for easy removal and installation, allowing you to reuse them in another van of a similar type and shape or even cut down to fit in a smaller vehicle. This means that when your van lease agreement comes to an end, you can have the gates removed and installed in your next vehicle. Furthermore, you can choose to handle this yourself or schedule an appointment with Mundy Van Security to professionally carry out this task for you.

Protect your new vehicle from day one: we'll fit your gates before delivery

We understand the importance of vehicle security from day one. That's why we offer a convenient and efficient service to fit your van security gates before we deliver the vehicle to you. By incorporating security gates into your van leasing deal, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new leased vehicle will be protected right from the start. Plus, you can save time and avoid the hassle of searching for a separate installation provider.

Contact our team today!

At Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we are committed to offering complete vehicle solutions to UK businesses. Our goal is to assist you in not only finding the perfect van for your operations and providing flexible finance options but also customising the vehicle to meet your specific needs.

From bespoke van conversions, including refrigerated vans, tippers, Lutons, dropsides, curtain siders, and cherry pickers to an extensive choice of van extras like tow bars, tail lifts, shelving, and a wide range of van security products such as alarms, and deadlocks, we are continuously expanding our services to ensure that we cater to all the needs of our business van lease customers. And now, our friendly team is also ready to discuss the installation of security gates to help you keep your van and tools safe and secure. With our support, you can concentrate on managing your business with confidence and peace of mind.

Contact us to discuss your van lease requirements today! You can call us on 01424 863 456 or contact us via our online form.

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