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When you need to transport heavy, loose loads or move pallets of goods like bricks, blocks, pavers, cement bags, and adhesives, a dropside van might be the most suitable vehicle for the job. Dropside vans vary in size and offer different features, so it's important that you choose the right vehicle for your business needs.

What is a dropside van?

A dropside van is a light commercial vehicle with a flat bed and low hinged sides for easy loading and unloading. The design allows the sides to drop below the depth of the deck, making the vehicle less vulnerable to forklift damage.

Dropside vans are designed to handle heavy loads in all kinds of conditions. Dropsides are seriously tough vehicles and can haul up to four pallets! If you want to make sure your load doesn't shift, you can add anchoring points for that extra peace of mind.

Modern dropside vans come with advanced safety and driver assistance features such as collision warning, speed limiter, cruise control, distance control, crosswind assistance, and automated city emergency braking.

Is dropside van right for my business?

If you run a particular type of business, panel vans or Luton vans might not be appropriate for transporting your loads. Building and gardening materials, for example, are better suited to dropside vans.

Sideboards of the dropside van can be folded down so forklifts, shovels, and people can get right to the load area. Additionally, their design lets the sides drop below the depth of the floor, reducing vehicle damage. Especially useful for builders and anyone transporting dirty or bulky things, dropside vans offer a large payload and are convenient.

While dropside vans have a bigger payload capacity than tipper trucks, you won't be able to tip the load though. If tipping is necessary for your business, please check out our tipper leasing deals.

What's the difference between a dropside and a tipper van?

Dropsides and tipper vans share the same design with the open back with low foldable sides, but their purposes differ.

As opposed to tippers, dropside vans can't tip the load, so you'll have to unload manually. However, dropside vans can carry more weight than tipper vans.

When choosing between these two, you must decide what's most important to your business: tipping or payload.

The best dropside vans

We usually recommend the Citroen Relay or Peugeot Boxer dropside vans since they offer a really good value for money, while the Maxus Deliver 9 dropside vans are some of the cheapest on our offer. Let's not forget our most wanted Ford Transit dropside vans!

You can choose from a wide selection of single and double-cab chassis cabs if you need a custom-built dropside van.

If you have questions about dropside leasing, don't hesitate to ask. Whether you're looking for a single-cab dropside van, a double-cab dropside or a custom-built dropside from a chosen chassis cab, we are here to help. With the support of the BVRLA and the Leasing Broker Federation, we take pride in providing fast, dependable service to ensure you get what you need.

It's easier than ever to lease dropside vans. Check out our dropside van UK lease deals or contact us if you need something more specific so we can discuss a bespoke conversion.

Let us help you choose the right dropside van lease for your company. Contact us today!

Dropside van conversions

There are a lot of manufacturers who offer one-stop dropside vans, which are basically ready-built tippers. But what if none of them work for you? Luckily, tipper van conversions allow you to create the vehicle you want.

With our help, you'll find the right chassis cab for your conversion. The chassis cab you choose depends on the length of your dropside van and whether you need a single cab or crew cab. The chassis cab will be converted to a dropside van according to your specs. If you asked for Chapter 8 signage or light bars, we'll install them after the conversion is completed. And that's all. Your customised dropside van is on its way to you.

Let's talk

Having leased dropside conversions for more than a decade, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge. To ensure you get the right dropside van for your business, our team will guide you through the selection process. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your dropside van leasing requirements.

Dropside van leasing FAQs

The most convenient way to get a dropside truck is to lease one. Dropside vans are very expensive to buy brand-new, while second-hand vans may pose a number of risks that you would not want to take if you expect your business to run smoothly.

Dropside van leasing is a great way to get a brand-new dropside truck that won't let you down. Having a reliable vehicle to deliver your services can cost you just a small amount paid in month one (initial rental) followed by equal monthly rentals for the duration of your agreement. We offer two to five-year dropside lease agreements and an optional vehicle maintenance package that includes tyres, windshields, breaks, maintenance, and more.

When you request a quote on a selected dropside deal, let us know if you want one with a tow bar. We also do Chapter 8 signage for dropside vans.