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The most common question people have about leasing a car or a van is whether it comes with insurance. Often, people mistakenly believe that leases cover insurance, but in reality, leased vehicles are never insured. This means that you must arrange vehicle insurance separately.

Some of our competitors offer free vehicle insurance with a lease deal. In reality, the insurance will be added to your deal, so it won't be free - you'll have to pay one way or another. Even though it may seem like a hassle-free option, you won't be able to shop around for better insurance rates. You will have to agree to what your leasing company arranged for you.

When do I need to insure my leased van or car?

It's your responsibility to insure the vehicle at the point of handover from the delivery agent. The insurance certificate should date before or on the day of your delivery. About 10 to 5 working days before your delivery date, you will receive your vehicle's registration number. At this stage, you can insure your new vehicle. However, we would strongly advise that you start searching for suitable insurance rather than wait until the last minute. This will not only allow you to enjoy your new vehicle as soon as you sign for it. You could also secure a better insurance deal if you buy an insurance policy in advance.

Worth adding - your leased vehicle will need to be insured during your entire agreement length.

What kind of insurance do I need for a leased car or van?

You must insure leased vehicles on a fully comprehensive insurance policy. Therefore, the main policyholder's name must match the name of the person obtaining finance. In addition, the certificate must show your company name (where applicable) and registration number.

If I lease a vehicle, am I able to insure more than one person to drive it?

When you lease a vehicle, whether it's a car for personal use or a van for your business, you'll need to insure the vehicle yourself. If the lease is in your name, you will need to be the main driver on the insurance policy, but you can add other named drivers to your policy.

Who is the registered owner of a leased vehicle?

You are responsible for insuring the vehicle with a fully comprehensive policy, but the finance company holds ownership of the vehicle. This is something you need to declare when taking on a new policy.


Contact us if there is anything else you'd like to know about insuring your newly leased vehicle.

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