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Electric van lease
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    Electric van plugged in to EV charger

    The benefits of electric vans: why choose electric vehicle?

    Electric vans offer numerous advantages compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. As such, opting for an e van is highly likely to be an excellent solution for your business. Here's why.

    To begin, electric vehicles (EVs) provide the advantage of lower operating expenses. This is because electricity typically costs less than fuel. Furthermore, the availability of a continuously expanding public charging infrastructure and home charging stations has also enhanced the charging options for your electric van.

    In addition, electric van maintenance costs are typically lower for electric vans as they have fewer moving parts compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) LCVs. Moreover, electric vans currently enter ULEZ free of charge as well as are exempt from congestion charges. All this means that an e van can ultimately save you money and boost your business profits.

    EV vans are also environmentally friendly as they produce zero emissions. As a result, they help to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. Not only that, but electric vans are also much quieter than conventional LCVs. As a result, they reduce noise pollution in urban areas. Because of that, driving an electric van can boots your business image. It showcases environmental responsibility and sustainability, positioning the company as innovative and forward-thinking.

    How does leasing an electric van work?

    First time leasing? No problem! We provide a range of lease options, with Contract Hire and Finance Lease being the most popular choices. Both options allow you to customise your lease terms. These include the annual mileage, contract length, and initial rental (deposit) amount. After we deliver your van, you will make monthly lease payments throughout the agreement.

    With van Contract Hire, you can simply return the vehicle to the funder once all payments are completed. On the other hand, a Finance Lease requires you to sell the vehicle to a third party. You use the funds to pay the balloon payment. While this may seem more complex, there are potential benefits that finance lease offers compared to contract hire.

    Hybrid van and fully electric van FAQs