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If you need to transport heavy, loose loads that need to be unloaded quickly once you get to your destination, a tipper van might be the most suitable choice. Tipper vans come in different sizes and offer different tipping functions, so you have to be sure that you choose the right one for your business.

What is a tipper van?

The open, flat body of a tipper van lets it carry all kinds of stuff. With its low folding sides, tipper truck is easy to load  while the underfloor tipping systems let you tip the vehicle body so heavy loads can be unloaded at the back or side. Its design also allows the sides to drop below the depth of the deck, making the vehicle less vulnerable to forklift damage. What's more, tipper vans can hold as many as four pallets! To increase safety, you can lease a tipper truck with anchoring points that prevent dangerous load shifting.

Construction and landscaping companies love tippers since they make moving heavy, loose loads like building materials and garden waste easy.

Commercial vans such as tippers are designed to handle heavy loads in a wide variety of driving conditions. Modern tipper vans offer assistive technologies such as collision warnings, speed limiters, cruise control, distance control, crosswind assistance, and automated city emergency braking.

Here are some pictures of a Ford Transit tipper that we recently delivered to a customer. Watch the video further down to see this Transit tipper in action.

Pictures: Ford Transit tipper conversion completed for our customer

How do tipper vans differ?

The tipping action itself will depend on the model you choose and should be a priority when choosing a tipper van.

Although one-way tipper vans offer the lowest cost, they're limited in their functionality because they can only tip from the back. There are also 2-way tipper vans that have more flexibility, allowing you to tip from one side and the back, but it's the 3-way tipper van that offers the most convenience, since you can tip from both sides and the back.

You can talk to our tipper van conversion experts about the best option for your business based on what you're going to be transporting.

Is tipper van right for my business?

If you need to transport loose items such as soil, sand, cement, branches, logs, stone, gravel etc., we highly recommend that you lease a tipper van. Tipper vans are especially useful for builders and anyone else transporting dirty or bulky goods because they offer a generous payload and are extremely practical.

When you arrive at your destination, you can just open the tailgate and empty it all, saving hours of your time.

What's the difference between a dropside and a tipper van?

Dropside and tipper vans look similar, but they serve different purposes.

In contrast to dropsides, tipper vans allow the entire load area to be mechanically raised at an angle so that the load is tipped out. The tipping mechanism makes tipper vans heavier though, so they have a smaller payload capacity than dropside vans.

Make a choice based on what's most important to your business.

Tipper van conversions

There are a lot of manufacturers who offer one-stop tipper vans, which are basically ready-built tippers. But what if none of them work for you? Luckily, tipper van conversions allow you to create the vehicle you want.

We will help you choose the right chassis cab that will be used as the base for your conversion. The choice of a chassis cab will depend on the tipper van length and whether you need a single cab or a crew tipper van. We will then convert the chassis cab according to your requirements. When the conversion is done, we'll install Chapter 8 signage or light bars if you asked for them. And that's it. We're ready to deliver your new tipper van.

Watch the video below to see how Transit tipper lease changed the way our customer's business operates. You can hear him saying he's been manually unloading his panel van for four years before leasing this tipper from us. His happiness is understandable!

Video: Happy customer showing off his new Ford Transit crew cab tipper van

Let's talk

We've been leasing bespoke tipper conversions for more than a decade, so you can rely on our knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our friendly team will guide you through selecting the right tipper van to ensure you're getting a vehicle that is suitable for your business. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your tipper van requirements.

Tipper van leasing FAQs

We do not offer short-term van leasing options.

Typically, we offer lease terms between 2 and 5 years, but some funders allow you to extend your lease by an additional year upon request.