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Ply lined van

We strongly recommend van ply lining for all leased vans. This simple, low-cost solution will help you avoid vehicle damage charges at the end of your lease.

What is van ply lining?

Van ply lining is a thin layer of high-quality plywood that protects the cargo area from internal damage. A plywood lining on the inside of your van also stops the outside panels from getting dings and dents.

Our ply lining is tailored to each van model. In order to ensure a neat and tidy finish, it is cut by machine and finished by hand. With our vast experience and knowledge, your vehicle will be in good hands. You can be assured that our ply-lining will keep your new van safe from any damage for a long time to come.

Why is it so important to ply line your leased van?

In order to maintain the value of such a highly valuable asset as a van, ply-lining is an ideal solution. Here's why you should ply-line your new van.

🛡️ Protect your van from damage

Scratches and bangs are inevitable. Shifting loads, heavy cargo, and equipment can cause internal damage quickly. Most damage is caused by the load movement during transit, which leads to dents on the sides or back of the van. Ply lining is a cheap and effective solution to this problem.

Using plywood van lining ensures that tools and materials are transported safely and securely to and from jobs, preventing the van from sustaining too much wear and tear. Furthermore, van ply lining also prevents scrapes and scratches that may happen while loading and unloading.

💰 Avoid end-of-contract charges

It might look like scratches and dents won't do much damage to your van. However, when you remove the protective paint and primer, the van is more likely to rust and erode. As a panel rusts, it not only looks ugly but also loses structural integrity, and your van loses value.

Consequently, your funder will be unable to sell the van for what they anticipated when offering you the deal and therefore will have to charge you for the damage.

🌧️ Keep your van leak-free and your load safe

The van's level of cargo protection will be negatively affected if panels erode without van ply-lining. It's easy for rain, dirt, and debris to get through the rusted holes. As the water gets into the van, rust will develop more quickly, and valuable items stored or transported in load spaces might also get ruined.

👨🏻‍🔧 Save money on repairs

Your van will need repairs once it's been damaged if you want to avoid it getting further damages. This can be pricey, especially if you have a few vehicles in your business fleet. Many of these repair costs can be cut down or even eliminated with a ply-lined van.

How much does it cost to ply line a van?

Compared to the damage charges you might receive at the end of your van lease agreement, van ply lining is a small expense.

Ply-lining can cost anywhere from £120 (+VAT) for a compact van to £340 (+VAT) for one of our biggest vans.

How to add ply lining to your van leasing deal?

Let your account manager know if you'd like us to ply-line your van. The ply lining will be installed before the van is delivered so you can start using it right away. Call us on 01424 863 456 and you'll be on the road in no time!