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Curtainsider van conversion completed on a Renault Master chassis cab

Our curtain sider van conversions provide an ideal solution if you're looking to lease a bespoke vehicle for your business operations or if you need a curtain side van urgently but cannot find a suitable pre-built model in stock.

We operate nationwide and are ready to discuss your curtain side van leasing requirements with you today. Call us on 01424 863 456 to speak to our experienced vehicle conversions specialists.

What is a curtainside van?

A curtainside van, also referred to as a curtain side van, a curtainsider, or a curtainslider is a versatile vehicle that resembles the look of a Luton van or box body van, except that the side panels have been replaced with PVC curtains that slide from front to back and back to front.

Curtainsiders' rigid structure uses aluminium and galvanised steel frames for optimum durability and enhanced payload. However, the roof structure of a curtain van is supported by a headboard, tailboard and roof rails due to the lack of roof support on the curtain side.

Images: Renault Master Red curtainsider van conversion completed for our customer

Streamline your business operations with a curtain sider van

Vans with only one door and solid steel sides, like Luton vans or box vans usually have first-in/last-out access. However, when you deliver to customers in busy cities with no designated loading bay, the truck may have to be temporarily parked on the street or at the curb, which means the stops will be short, and loading and unloading must be fast. Having the option to retract curtains instantly to gain access to the cargo from either side and draw them back quickly to move on to the next location saves your time and increases efficiency.

Furthermore, the curtains allow for easy access to freight anywhere within the truck whilst also providing ease of loading and unloading from either side using a forklift. Moreover, a curtain van has a full height and width barn door at the rear, which is equipped with externally mounted locks. It enables delivery drivers to transport larger freight with side access for loading and unloading and smaller loads carried by the rear door, all inside one vehicle.

Curtainside vans serve a wide range of industries thanks to their flexibility. However, businesses transporting palletised freight are our primary customers for curtain sider van conversions. Other bulky loads like large bags can also be carried if they are secured properly. Anything that is contained within itself or that can be contained (i.e. by dunnage) can be much easier transported by the curtain side van.

How does the curtain side Luton van conversions work?

We offer the best curtain van leasing deals on one-stop (ready-bodied) curtain side vans on business contract hire, finance lease, and lease purchase. Browse our selection of ready-made Renault Master curtainsiders, Citroen Relay curtain vans, Ford Transit curtain side vans, Maxus Deliver 9 curtainsliders, and Peugeot Boxer curtain siders to see what's on offer right now.

But what if none of our ready models suit your requirements? Our curtainsider conversions offer a solution to this problem. We have a wide range of chassis cabs available for curtain-side van conversions. These include chassis cabs like Ford Transit L3 and Ford Transit L4, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay, and Renault Master among others.

Our friendly team of conversion specialists will have a detailed discussion with you about your business's nature, typical load transportation, and required load space. In addition, we'll also ask if you have any special requirements such as low loader (low floor) curtainside van, or any extras you may need, such as a tow bar or a tail lift. With this information, we can determine the best curtain sider van conversion.

The curtain side conversion process is swift, and typically your vehicle will be ready in just four to six weeks. The curtain side conversion process is swift, and typically your vehicle will be ready in just four to six weeks. This means you not only get a new van tailored to your specifications, but you also receive it much faster compared to if you were to place a factory order for a pre-built model.

Images: Renault Master curtain side Luton van converted and ready to be delivered to our customer

Get in touch to discuss your bespoke curtainsider leasing deal

Whether you're a small business owner in need of a practical transport solution or a large company seeking a modern upgrade, we are here to cater to your specific needs. At Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we take pride in providing customised curtain sider van conversions to suit your exact business requirements.

We understand that every business has unique demands, and our team of experts is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Our experienced conversion specialists will work closely with you to design and build a perfect vehicle that meets your precise specifications.

From choosing the right materials to incorporating specialised features and equipment, we ensure that your curtain sider conversion is both functional and efficient. Whether you require additional storage compartments, or specialised loading mechanisms, we have the expertise to deliver the perfect solution.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Let us create a customised curtainsider that maximises your productivity and enhances your business operations. We are committed to delivering top-quality conversions that exceed your expectations.

Call us on 01424 863456 or use our contact form below to request a quote.

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