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Commercial van with Chapter 8 chevrons

Are you looking to lease a van with Chapter 8 chevrons? Then you've come to the right place. We specialise in providing Chapter 8 vehicle leasing solutions to businesses across the UK.

We offer a large selection of commercial vehicles in various body styles. No matter whether you need Chapter 8 signage for a pickup truck, panel van, or dropside van, we'll ensure that your leased vehicle is fully Chapter 8 compliant prior to delivery. You can take your new van to work right away, saving time and money.

Our Chapter 8 chevrons are designed to keep your workers safe while on the job and ensure compliance with the regulations. With our flexible van leasing options and excellent customer service, we make it easy to get the Chapter 8 van you need. This will not only keep your business running smoothly but also safely.

What is Chapter 8 traffic management?

Chapter 8 is part of the official red book of highway codes and regulations in the Traffic Signs Manual issued by the Department for Transport in the UK.

Chapter 8 deals with legal requirements for temporary situations and road works, under which all vehicles operating on highways fall. It helps road and highway maintenance and construction work to be carried out safely.

What markings are used on Chapter 8 vehicles?

🚧 Fluorescent yellow retro reflective striping

This shouldn't be less than 50mm wide along the length of the vehicle or the vehicle should be of a conspicuous colour (white or yellow).

🚧 Highway maintenance labels or motorway maintenance labelling

Vehicles operating on motorways must have text a minimum of 70mm high for temporary traffic management vehicles. This is followed by 140mm for all other vehicles carrying personnel or equipment.

🚧 Reflective door strips

An amount of red reflective tape must be on all rear facing edges of doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.

🚧 Reflective red and fluorescent yellow chevrons

Chapter 8 chevrons should cover the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as much as possible for vehicles forming part of the roadworks.

🚧 Additional markings

Any device mounted on the vehicle (e.g. cherry picker bucket) may obscure rear-facing high visibility markings. If that's the case you should also apply high Chapter 8 signage to the face of any attached device.

Road maintenance dropside van with Chapter 8 chevrons

Is Chapter 8 a law in the UK?

Chapter 8 is not yet legislation in the UK, but many highway organisations have adopted these guidelines as appropriate practice and will only allow Chapter 8 compliant vehicles onto their work sites.

Do all commercial vehicles in the UK need to abide by Chapter 8?

In the UK, all commercial vehicles that will stop or be used for work on a highway or high-speed road must follow Chapter 8 requirements, which include markings in the form of Chapter 8 chevrons. Therefore, it can be concluded that all commercial vehicles used for work purposes on a highway or high-speed roads need to be Chapter 8 compliant.

What happens when the vehicle doesn't meet Chapter 8 standards?

If the vehicle working on a highway does not have the required safety markings, it may be harder for other drivers to see it. This could increase the risk of serious accidents.

According to the Government publication, if a vehicle that falls under Chapter 8 regulation is involved in an accident and doesn't have the required safety markings, it may violate the law. The owner of the vehicle or the driver could face legal consequences.

To avoid legal and safety issues, businesses should always make sure that their vehicles meet Chapter 8 requirements.


Chapter 8 requirements are an essential aspect of road safety, particularly for vehicles working or stopping on a highway. The regulations are designed to ensure that vehicles are highly visible to other road users, reducing accident risk and improving safety for all.

If you are a business owner or fleet manager, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicles meet Chapter 8 requirements.

At Commercial Vehicle Contracts we specialise in providing high-quality Chapter 8 chevrons and other safety markings such as light bars and beacons. Our team of experts can help you ensure that your leased vehicle is fully compliant with all safety standards. This will enable you to operate on highways and roads with confidence and peace of mind.

Call us on 01424 863 456 to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve Chapter 8 van compliance.