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As part of our vehicle leasing service, we offer optional maintenance and routine service packages to our customers.

When you take out a Business Contract Hire (BCH) or Finance Lease (FL) agreement, you have the option to add on a maintenance package to your vehicle leasing deal for a fixed additional monthly cost to cover the cost of servicing and repairs. This type of maintenance is referred to as a "funder maintained" agreement whereas a van lease agreement without maintenance is referred to as a "customer maintained" lease.

With a maintenance package, you will have complete peace of mind that any unexpected vehicle repair costs will be taken care of.

What does the maintenance package include?

You can add a vehicle maintenance pack to any car or van leasing contract. The maintenance package will cover anything that needs repairing or being replaced during your vehicle lease.

Funder maintained vehicle lease agreement includes:

  • MOT
  • Routine servicing (all vehicles are serviced in line with the manufacturer's recommended servicing intervals)
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Tyres (our approved suppliers fit premium brand tyres. We replace all damaged tyres and any tyres with a tread depth of 2mm or less across the central 3 quarters of the tread band - the legal minimum is 1.6mm)
  • Batteries
  • Exhausts
  • Breakdown cover (including roadside repairs when possible)
  • Road tax
  • Replacement vehicle (available at a small additional cost)

What's not included in a funder maintained vehicle lease?

  • Driver error or driver-induced faults
  • Accidental damage
  • Missing/broken items
  • Vandalism or stolen items
  • Windscreen and glass replacement
  • Fueling error
  • Lubricant and fluid top ups between service intervals, for example, AdBlue®

To keep your vehicle under the manufacturer's warranty, it needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Service can be provided after a certain period (e.g., every year) or after a certain number of miles has been accumulated. If you take out a lease for 36 months or more, you will legally need to get the vehicle put through an MOT test too.

There is no set figure for the cost of maintenance. It will differ depending on the vehicle and the type of contract you request. Naturally, it is more expensive at higher mileages – as this puts more wear and tear on the tyres and other components. Consequently, longer-term agreements will incur more fees for servicing and maintenance.

What's included in a customer-maintained lease agreement?

A non-maintained lease includes:

  • Road tax

How does the maintained agreement work?

You will receive documentation from us at the start of your agreement. We will provide you with the contact number you need to ring to book any servicing, maintenance, or repairs required under your agreement. You are then allocated a slot at a funder-approved dealership, and you need to take the vehicle in at the agreed time. If your finance provider requires you to use an approved dealership, you must contact them first.

Is a funder maintained vehicle agreement right for me?

Here at Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we will present you with the most suitable agreement. We will never recommend a product that isn't right for your needs, and the ultimate decision is always yours.

We will provide you with a quote that includes maintenance and another one without maintenance. These quotes will allow you to weigh your options. The final choice is entirely up to you as some drivers like having complete peace of mind from day one, which a maintained agreement provides.

Signing up for a maintenance agreement is not mandatory. However, you have to remember that in that case you'll be responsible for maintaining the vehicle yourself. This includes paying for repairs - unexpected or not - and even tyre punctures. Some non-maintained customers choose to put a bit extra away every month to help towards the cost of repairs if a problem with their vehicle occurs.

Benefits of a funder maintained lease agreement

  • Fixed monthly cost

You'll never get charged for anything you didn't expect.

  • Value for money

With our industry expertise, we keep costs much lower than you'd find as an independent customer.

  • Quality of work from fully qualified dealer approved technicians

Your vehicles will benefit from quality workmanship and the highest standard of care from trained experts.

  • Reduced downtime

Approved technicians mean minimal downtime and disruption to your business. We will look after you and your vehicle.

  • No unplanned vehicle repair bills

No more unexpected expenses. You're fully covered.

  • Tax benefits

Claim back 100% of the maintenance VAT element of your agreement (VAT registered businesses only).

  • Single point of contact and dedicated Account Manager

We assign each customer a single point of contact for all account management needs, including routine servicing and maintenance queries.


Funded maintained vehicle leasing offers a comprehensive solution to your vehicle maintenance needs, saving you time and money. We strongly recommend considering maintenance cover whether you're leasing a personal car, a business van, or a fleet van.

Speak to our team if you're not sure if a maintained lease agreement is right for you.