8 tips for signwriting a van

8 tips for signwriting a van

19 May 2022 | Kate Kozlowska | 16 min read

Why should you sign write your leased van?

You've invested in leasing a brand new van to give your business a more professional image. Because you're right; a customer is more likely to hire you if they see you driving an excellent vehicle rather than an old and rusty one. It's true that if you drive a nice van, customers see you as a business that does well, and if your business does well, it means it's busy, which must be because your business is good. But what else can you do to emphasise professionalism and get people to remember your brand? Whether you're leasing a large Peugeot Boxer or manoeuvring the city in a compact Citroen Berlingo, you can attract more customers and make the most out of your van with signwriting. Did you know that lack of signwriting or cheap looking and poorly designed signwriting can cause potential customers to pass you by when they're looking for a specialist like yourself?

1. Well-designed van signwriting creates confidence and trust in the business

When a customer is looking for a business to provide them with a service, their primary concern is to choose the right one. They don't want a trader doing a lousy job or disappearing in the middle of a project. So think from the customer's perspective. Which tradesman would you trust more? The one driving a blank van, even if it is a brand new model or the one with the van sign written displaying the businesses details? Which one is more likely not to care about their reputation? Exactly.

2. Sign written van is less likely to attract thieves

A unique vehicle is less likely to get stolen; that's a fact. So give your van its individuality and sign write it with your brand and information. Signwriting a leased vehicle is easy to do and doesn't have to require any additional effort from you. We'll manage the signwriting process at Commercial Vehicle Contracts before the new van is delivered to you. Then you can pay a small £50 fee at the end of your contract to have it removed by the finance funder. Simple. And remember, making your van unique via signwriting is an excellent way to put off thieves, so it's worth thinking about!

3. Van fleet signwriting creates brand and builds credibility

Professionally designed van signwriting or wrapping helps your business's credibility and makes it more trustworthy. It also helps your van stand out among the competitors driving blank vehicles. Imagine a branded fleet of leased vehicles - they'd look smart, sophisticated, and credible. For example, we've seen a fleet of Vauxhall Vivaros and its bigger brother, the Movano sign written in matching branding, which looks impeccable on the road. What's more - your van will act as a moving billboard and advertise your business wherever you go and even if you're parked outside your house after working hours.

4. Van signs get new customers while you're on the job

Van graphics are vital for small businesses, like sole traders. A sign-written van parked on the road while you're doing a job will be seen by many passers-by. Imagine your new Peugeot Partner or Citroen Dispatch parked in a busy street with many eyes on it. Some might write down your contact details and call you asking for your services at a later date. Van lettering with a business logo and info can massively boost a business presence.

5. Care for your van fleet shows care for the customer

Seeing a professionally sign-written vehicle gives the impression that the owner cares about quality. In addition, the owner knows how to take care of their business. That provides the customer with confidence that you will also care about them and the job you're doing for them.

6. Vehicle signage can be seen millions of times each year

If your company van is often driven around and to different locations for service calls. Not adding a van wrapping or signwriting simply means you're missing on a massive number of opportunities for your business to be seen and most likely losing money.

7. Van graphic is a cheap and effective form of advertising

When compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle signage offers the cheapest cost. TV, magazine, billboards and newspaper adverts cost you money every day. At the same time, signwriting your van is only a one-off expense. Still, it will advertise your business 24/7, wherever you are and for many years. 

8. Vehicle signwriting brings new customers

Would you ever walk to the blank van and ask for their business card? The answer is simple, isn't it?

What does the van graphic designer need to know?

When you contact a signwriter for your van graphics, they will need to know a few things before starting working on your design. You can make the whole process a lot more straightforward by getting us to sort the signwriting before your van is delivered, so it's ready to go as soon as it gets to your door. If you do want to sign-write your leased vehicle yourself, here are a few things you need to think about when working with the graphic designer:

Your vehicle details

The professional designing your vehicle signs will need to know your vehicle make, model and year. This information is essential for planning the available space for the van graphics.

Business details

You'll need to provide basic details, such as business name, contact details, what kind of services you offer, brand colours and logo, if applicable.


You need to specify your budget - van graphics can be anything from economical and straightforward to very complex, like complete van wrapping. It's better to agree on a cost upfront than be surprised with a bill higher than expected.

Any special requirements

Suppose you have something specific in mind for your van signs. In that case, you must let the designer know but don't worry if you don't - a good graphic designer will be able to create something unique for your business. You must have high-resolution pictures and logos as well as non-standard fonts if you'd like them to be included in your van graphics. You should also include any safety requirements, such as reflective graphics, as per Chapter 8 requirements if you operate on highways.


Vehicle magnets are a quick and cheap way to brand a vehicle. They're easily removable, but they can also potentially fly off the van if not applied correctly. For businesses that want a real wow factor, van wraps are an excellent option. They are durable and long-lasting but also more expensive. Your graphics designer will advise you on the best-suited option for your business and within your budget. The signwriter will also know what materials are best suited and will advise accordingly.

Deciding on the signwriting design for your vehicle lease

Choosing colours, fonts, and styles can be a bit overwhelming. So instead, follow our advice to create van signwriting that's professional and attractive.

Choose the right font and colours for signwriting a leased vehicle

If your business uses non-standard fonts, it would be good to have the van signwriting consistent. So make sure you have them ready when meeting your graphics designer. A good font should be simple and easy to read and ideally in primary colours which stand out more from a distance. If not sure, follow your graphic designer's advice - he is a professional after all.

Outline your text

Signwriting on the leased vehicle stands out more when it has a different outline colour (stroke) around the text. Tip: yellow with a black stroke stands out the most.

Be consistent with your branding on your leased van

You should be consistent with existing branding used on the website or social media as mixed styles across different media can confuse the customers.

Think of any changes you should make to your branding

Before you have your van wrapped or sign-written, you should look at your branding. Are you happy with it, or maybe it needs refreshing? This is the perfect opportunity to rethink your branding.

Simple is better

When it comes to van signwriting, the general rule is that less is more - too much text will be harder to read. The signwriting text should be simple. The most important information (usually the business name) should be in larger font than the rest of the text. If you add too much information, you'll end up with a cluttered and cheap-looking design.

Be original

Think about what makes you different from the other businesses providing the same services? For example, will your van signwriting stand out in traffic, or will it blend with the other vehicles? 

Don't go crazy with colours

Choose a maximum of two primary colours. Then, use the same colours and fonts for similar elements. I.e. you can put all contact info in the same style and separate the design sections using different colours or fonts.

What information should the van signwriting include?

The branding and design of your business van are what will draw customers in, so make sure you include the correct details.

Show your business off

What's most important you'd like to say about your business? The typical van signwriting includes the business name and logo, if you have one, contact details (website address, phone number). Also, include anything unique about your company, like, for example, 24/7 service. You could consider leaving out your email as it might be too long to put on. However, your website is the most important because it's easy to remember.

Include your social media (only if you're active)

If your company is active on social media. It's worth adding these platforms to your van signwriting so people can find you easily. However, if your social media pages don't look good, we wouldn't recommend mentioning them. You don't want to direct a potential customer to a place that doesn't represent your business well. 

Think of the van on the road

Your van will mostly be seen on the road while it's moving. Therefore, you need to think about communicating quickly and as simply as possible so people can easily remember your business after looking at your van for a few seconds. That's why the website address is so crucial, as it's the easiest to remember.

Catch their attention

In theory, you have approximately 3 seconds to catch the potential customer's attention. That's why the company name and logo should stand out from your van signwriting

Avoid changeable details

Never include information that is likely to change, i.e. special offers, pricing etc. Remember that van signwriting will last many years, and you don't want to be updating it every time these details change.

What are the common mistakes when signwriting a leased van?

Mistakes happen, but we are here to help you avoid them.

Price matters but quality even more

Many people assume that van signwriting is just van signwriting, and so they chase the lowest price. You must remember that not all materials are the same. They might look the same, but in reality, the quality of the materials will show with time. Choosing the lowest price will not always mean worse quality, but in most cases, it unfortunately does. Let us take care of signwriting for you, using our qualified, preferred suppliers. Because inferior quality materials can fade, start peeling off or shrink, exposing a sticky border around the lettering, attracting dirt. 

Writing a novel on your van

This is one of the most common mistakes. Including too much information makes the van signwriting too busy and hard to read. Keep it simple.


Double or even triple check the information that will be sign written on your van. You'd be surprised how many people get their phone numbers wrong.

Think of van signwriting as an investment

Improving your business in any way, whether it's leasing a new van to enhance your service or signwriting, is an investment. However, professionally designed van signwriting will quickly pay off by increasing your brand awareness and, as a result, get you more customers. It might take just a couple of jobs to reclaim this reward, so it's really worth it. 

We hope that these tips help you make the most out of your leased van and help you attract more customers. If you still haven't chosen a new van for your business, check our Top Van Deals for the latest offers on commercial vehicles. Also, remember that we offer professional van signwriting and wrapping for all our commercial vans. Suppose you choose to have your newly leased van sign written or wrapped. In that case, the graphics will be fitted before delivery. So your new vehicle will arrive ready to work the minute you sign the delivery papers, saving you time and hassle.

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