Mercedes Benz Trucks form part of the Daimler Trucks division, whom built and sold their first motor vehicle in 1886. The group now produces LCV’s, HGV’s, specialist off highway vehicles and buses to service automotive markets world wide.The manufacturer enjoys a stellar reputation as one of the leading global commercial vehicle suppliers, and just as their one time stable mate car division has so successfully achieved, they have forged an associated level of prestige in this sector that cannot be matched by any other marque.Quality and reliability do come at a price, however Mercedes Benz understand that for the discerning business user who is keen to have their own brand associated with the very best engineering and cache, it is a price worth paying. Many high mileage commercial fleet operators have selected Mercedes Benz to supply their vehicles, as they are proven like very few others when it comes to durability, safety and if you need it, sheer size. The Sprinter LCV is available in a wide range of load lengths and roof heights, making it possible to specify the right vehicle for every requirement. Speak to our team for further details of finance products that will meet your expectations as well as these market leading vans do.

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