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What is a Luton van? Browse our Luton van leasing deals, and you'll see a wide range of extra-large vans with an enclosed storage box that extends over the cab, providing additional storage. Luton van lease is extremely popular among removal and large goods delivery companies, especially a long wheelbase Luton van. Due to their shape and size, Luton vans can easily transport bulky furniture, household appliances, boxes and other large goods with minimal fuss. It reduces the number of trips needed, especially when moving from one house or office location to another. What's more, Luton is the largest van that you can lease with a standard UK driving license, so if you were wondering if you can drive a Luton van on a standard driving license, you now know you can!

We offer various Luton van finance options. Luton tail lift van lease is the most popular choice, but low floor Luton vans ( also called low loader Luton vans) are designed for easy loading. Alternatively, you can lease a Curtainside or Curtainslider van, a Luton van with one side covered in a durable curtain rather than a closed panel. Our most popular Luton van leases are L3 and L4 lengths, but we also have an L5 low loader Luton van available.

Modern Luton vans are equipped with standard commercial vehicle equipment and technology to meet all your business needs and ensure the safe delivery of your goods. Lease Ford Luton vans like the Ford Transit Luton from our One Stop range, and you'll get features like rear restraint and load retention poles. 

When so many companies offer Luton van leases, finding the right deal isn't always easy, but if you're looking for affordable Luton van leasing deals in the UK, you've come to the right place. Our goal is to find you the best deal on a Luton van lease to obtain a van contract hire or finance lease that fits your budget. You can count on us to tailor your brand-new Luton van to match your commercial needs, whether you need shelving and racking, a fridge Luton van or a Luton van with a tail lift. Choose from Ford One Stop Transit Luton van, Citroen Relay Luton van and Peugeot Boxer Luton van deals. Browse our Luton van leasing deals below and lease a Luton van with tail lift, Luton box van and 3.5 tonne Luton van today. We also welcome fleet van leasing!

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Front view of Renault Master Luton Box Van LL35dCi 145 Energy Business FWD

Renault Master

Master Luton Box Van LL35dCi 145 Energy Business FWD

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £411.49 Initial Rental £3,703.41 Exc. VAT
Front view of Renault Master Luton Box Van LL35dCi 130 Business RWD

Renault Master

Master Luton Box Van LL35dCi 130 Business RWD

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £428.83 Initial Rental £3,859.47 Exc. VAT

Luton Van FAQs

How does Luton van leasing work? 

Luton van leasing is a smart choice for those businesses that need to maximise their load space to minimise the number of trips. Since Luton vans have an additional storage area above the cabin, they are a practical solution.

Usually, it's more affordable to lease a Luton van. It is costly to purchase a brand-new Luton van outright, while a second-hand Luton van may introduce many risks that you would not want to take if you expect your business to run smoothly. Imagine having a customer booked for removal, and your van breaks down! This is not the kind of situation you'd want.     

When you lease a Luton van, whether, on Luton van contract hire or finance lease, you get a brand new van that is very unlikely to let you and your customers down, you can deliver your services in a reputable vehicle for a small initial rental followed by equal monthly rentals. You can choose from two to five-year lease agreements, and an optional vehicle maintenance package is available, which covers tyres, windshields, breaks, maintenance and more. 

The Luton van lease deals feature multiple wheelbase lengths, low floor Luton van options, ply-lined loading areas, and shelving and racking upon request. We can arrange for all extras to be installed before receiving your Luton van from Commercial Vehicle Contracts. We ensure everything is perfect so you can start driving your new vehicle right away.

Can you supply a Luton van deal with a tail lift?

Yes, indeed! The height off the ground of the conventional Luton van makes it challenging to lift and transport heavy loads into and out of it. Because of this, many Lutons are equipped with a tail lift that can support loads up to 500kg. So choose your perfect Luton van lease deal and let us know if you would like a tail lift included in your contract. We will arrange the installation of the Luton van tail lift before the vehicle is delivered to you.

You should be aware that having a tail lift installed reduces the loading capacity by about 250 kilograms. If this is not what you can sacrifice, you could consider leasing a low floor Luton van, sometimes called a low loader Luton. Low loader Luton vans come with a loading height of just 550mm from the floor. If that's still too high for you, we can install a ramp to make things easier.

We offer specialist Luton van conversions to suit every business. There is no need to look for a Luton van for sale when you can lease a brand new Luton van tailored to your needs, choosing the right Luton van size and Luton van dimensions for your load. 

What are the most popular Luton van lease deals?

There are several Luton van leasing deals to choose from. Our most popular options include Ford One Stop Transit Luton van, Citroen Relay Luton van and Peugeot Boxer van deals.

Each of these vans has good specifications and reliable engines. We have some of the best Luton van lease deals in the UK and can customise the vehicle to fit your needs. Luton van leasing is available on finance lease and van contract hire. You can amend the term, mileage and other details to suit your needs and enjoy easy renewals when your lease agreement ends.

How much does a Luton van lease cost?

When it comes to leasing a Luton van, we understand that cost is one of the most significant factors. As a result of our excellent and long-lasting relationships with suppliers, we can offer you substantial discounts on all Luton van deals and extras. On our website, we display examples of every Luton van deal. In addition, we will provide you with a customised quote based on your agreement length, annual mileage, and initial payment amount.   

Peugeot Boxer Luton van and Citroen Relay Luton van offer more affordable Luton lease deals. Ford Transit Luton van lease deals may be a bit more expensive, but it is the iconic Ford Transit. These deals offer a practical and reliable Luton van you won't be disappointed with. 

How can we help? Luton van leasing deals!

Commercial Vehicle Contracts will find you the best, most competitive price on commercial Luton van leasing and contract hire. You can save both time and money with our affordable Luton van deals. For more information on Luton van sizes and types of Luton vans, don't hesitate to get in touch with us

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