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There is a wide range of vans called Luton Vans, which have large enclosed storage boxes that extend over the cab, providing extra storage, utility, and convenience.

Modern Luton vans are equipped with standard kit and technology to meet all your transportation needs, making them ideal for businesses and motorists who carry large amounts of goods.
Several of the new Luton vans available for lease can accommodate loads of all sizes, with the Ford Transit Luton being a great example of a van that provides you and your cargo with features such as a rear restraint and load retention poles. 'Luton' was derived from the name of the town where this type of van was first manufactured.

You have come to the right place if you're looking for Luton van leasing deals! You can depend on us to find the most cost-effective Luton van lease deals in order to provide you with an affordable contract hire or finance leasing deal. We will ensure your new van is tailored to your commercial needs if you require some extras, such as shelving and racking, or if you require a Luton van with a tail lift.

With a standard UK driving license, a Luton van is the largest van you can drive, which makes them so popular. We have some of the best Luton van lease deals around and understand the importance this commercial vehicle has for your business. Because of this, we offer low-cost Luton van lease deals!

The Ford Transit Luton, Citroen Relay Luton, Vauxhall Movano, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are our most popular Luton van lease deals. Check out the offers listed below!

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Front view of Citroen Relay Dropside 35 L2 2.2 BlueHDi 140

Citroen Relay

Relay Dropside 35 L2 2.2 BlueHDi 140

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £255.44 Initial Rental £2,298.96 Exc. VAT
Front view of Citroen Relay Dropside 35 L3 2.2 BlueHDi 140

Citroen Relay

Relay Dropside 35 L3 2.2 BlueHDi 140

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £262.73 Initial Rental £2,364.57 Exc. VAT
Front view of Ford Transit 350 FWD L2 Tipper 2.0TDCi 130 1WAY

Ford One Stop

Transit 350 FWD L2 Tipper 2.0TDCi 130 1WAY

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £302.92 Initial Rental £2,726.28 Exc. VAT
Front view of Ford Transit 350 RWD L2 Tipper 2.0TDCi 130 1WAY


Ford One Stop

Transit 350 RWD L2 Tipper 2.0TDCi 130 1WAY

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £310.04 Initial Rental £2,790.36 Exc. VAT

What is a Luton van?

There are several types of Luton vans. They are lightweight, have a large storage area, and transport a wide range of items, including packages and household appliances.

Often, the most popular option for delivery and house removal companies is to lease a Luton van. Due to the separate cabin and cargo areas, there is plenty of storage space, making a Luton van lease an excellent option for those who need to maximise space.

The Luton van lease deals feature multiple wheelbase lengths, flat floors, and ply-lined loading areas. You can arrange for ply-lining to be fitted before receiving your Luton van lease from Commercial Vehicle Contracts. We make sure everything is perfect so that you can get started with your new vehicle right away.

Luton van lease deals side view

Lease a Luton van with a tail lift

Can you add a tail lift to your Luton van lease? Yes, indeed! With the standard van height off the ground in the conventional Luton van lease, heavy loads are challenging to lift and transport into and out of the vehicle. Therefore, many Lutons are equipped with tail lifts that can carry loads up to 500kg. Using a trolley to carry the load can be lifted mechanically, minimising the workforce required for the task. Get the best Luton van lease deals, and let us know if you would like extras such as a tail lift or ply-lining. We will arrange the installation of the extras before the vehicle is delivered to you.

You should be aware that having a tail lift installed reduces the loading capacity by approximately 250 kilograms. We can also offer low loading Lutons; these are available with a loading height of just 550mm from the floor. We can install a ramp for those difficult jobs if this proves to be an issue.

What are the most popular Luton van lease deals?

Most van manufacturers have a model of Luton, with some of the more popular Luton van leasing deals being:

All of the above vans come with a reasonable spec and have good, reliable engines. We have some of the best Luton van lease deals in the UK and can refine the vehicle to suit your needs. Luton van leasing is available on finance lease where you can amend the term, mileage and other details to suit your needs. Or get a Luton van contract hire product with easy renewals when returning the van at the end of your lease.

How much does a Luton van lease cost?

The cost of a new Luton will be one of the most significant deciding factors. We have excellent Luton lease deals and excellent relationships with suppliers, allowing us to provide you with extras at a reduced cost. The cheapest alternative is LDV, while the most expensive is Mercedes. If you lease a Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter, you pay extra for the badge. Still, you receive a very high level of build quality. Ford Transit van leasing offers a practical and reliable van at a lower price tag, making it a popular Luton van leasing option. The three vans mentioned above are, without a doubt, the most popular for Luton leasing with Commercial Vehicle Contracts.

The engine also plays a role in determining the cost. As you'd expect, the vans have similar engine sizes but a range of PS options, which is reflected in the Luton van lease price. The higher the PS, the more powerful the engine, which is essential to lift heavy loads uphill. The LDV motor offers 90 PS despite its cheaper cost, whereas Mercedes Sprinter vans offer 129 PS, and Transit Lutons feature 140 PS.

How can we help? Luton van leasing deals!

Dedicated to finding the best, most competitive deals for commercial Luton leasing and contract hire, Commercial Vehicle Contracts helps companies nationwide. Providing you with the best prices on Luton van lease deals, we offer a low-cost contract hire or finance lease on Luton vans. In addition, our specialist teams are prepared to customise your new van to meet all your commercial requirements, including shelving and racking. For more information on sizes and types of Luton vans, don't hesitate to get in touch with us

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We work in partnership with many of the UK’s leading van leasing, car leasing, contract hire and finance leasing funding companies in order to provide the most competitive rates and offer you the best leasing deals possible. Our guide to eligibility will help you understand the various requirements for establishing a vehicle finance agreement.

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Achieving the best van leasing deals and the best car leasing deals has become a key consideration in the work we do, so you can get the best leasing deals. Our process is built to ensure we accurately and efficiently identify your needs and requirements, achieve the best finance deal for you, apply for finance on your behalf and provide you with the quickest delivery possible.

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At Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we ensure that every aspect of the car leasing process and van leasing process is seamlessly undertaken with full management on your behalf, meaning you can sit back and relax with the peace of mind that your chosen vehicle will arrive at your desired address matching your required needs.

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