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A Vauxhall Combo van lease is a good option for those looking for the smallest van in Vauxhall's commercial vehicle family and we have great Combo lease deals.

After switching to PSA Group, Vauxhall Combo van is now a front-runner in the small van class with Vauxhall Combo contract hire being a popular choice for our customers, especially since the latest Vauxhall Combo Cargo has been upgraded to a modern spec. This compact Combo van offers a strong payload, an excellent ride and handling, and a clever safety kit. If you're looking for small van deals, our Vauxhall Combo van lease won't be disappointed. 


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Front view of Vauxhall Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 100ps Edition

Vauxhall Combo

Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 100ps Edition

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £149.10 Initial Rental £1,341.90 Exc. VAT
Front view of Vauxhall Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 75 Dynamic

Vauxhall Combo

Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 75 Dynamic

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £150.60 Initial Rental £1,355.40 Exc. VAT
Front view of Vauxhall Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 100ps Edition (MY2021.03)

Vauxhall Combo

Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 100ps Edition (MY2021.03)

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £258.89 Initial Rental £2,330.01 Exc. VAT
Front view of Vauxhall Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 75 Dynamic (MY2021.03)

Vauxhall Combo

Combo Cargo L1H1 2000 1.5 Turbo D 75 Dynamic (MY2021.03)

Price Per Month, Exc. VAT From £259.41 Initial Rental £2,334.69 Exc. VAT

Vauxhall Combo van leasing deals - logo 

The Vauxhall combo design 

Lease a Vauxhall Combo for the adequate space and loading.  The square body of the Combo van means that there is good space inside and the low floor makes loading and unloading easy.  All Vauxhall Combo van lease deals come with heated electric door mirrors, electric windows and a single sliding side door as standard (it used to be an option so good news here). Vauxhall Combo long version has a second sliding door fitted, while all variants come with a double door at the back.  The feature that we like the most about this Vauxhall van is its handy load indicator in the loading area, which warns you if you are overloading  - very clever and handy! The same design has been used in Opel Combo van as well.


the combo cargo van specifications,  dimensions and payload

Vauxhall Combo Cargo lease comes in three versions: Combo Cargo Panel Van L1H1, Combo Cargo Panel Van L2H1 and Combo Cargo Crew Van L2H1, meaning that there are two lengths available and a single roof height.

The load length is 1781mm for the short Combo Cargo, expanding to 2131mm in the Combo Cargo long version and Combo Cargo Crew van. The Combo's load height is 580mm on the Vauxhall Combo short wheelbase and 620mm on the Vauxhall Combo long wheelbase. You can easily carry two pallets on the back of this small van which is very impressive indeed. 

Maximum load volume is 3.3m3 for the L1, 3.9m3 for the Vauxhall Combo LWB van and 3.4-4m3 for the Crew van, however, with the additional FlexCargo folding partition bulkhead, you can get an extra 0.5m3.

Payloads for the Combo Cargo vary depending on models. The smaller weight (two-tonne) van can transport 650kg to 670kg, while the higher weight Combo can transport loads from 995kg to 1020kg.

There are three trim levels to choose from when you are selecting your Vauxhall Combo van lease.  The basic Combo Edition van is more designed for the fleet leasing needs but is still pretty well equipped. The Vauxhall Cargo Combo Sportive and Combo Cargo Limited Edition NAV vans come with all the equipment that small business users may appreciate more.


What engines does the Vauxhall combo van have?

So you are probably now wondering what engines you can choose from when you lease a Vauxhall Combo.  If you prefer petrol vans, then there is The Combo Cargo 1.2 Turbo engine with 110PS. If you would rather drive a diesel van, the Vauxhall 1.5 Turbo diesel engine is on offer - badged either 75PS, 100PS and 130 PS.

let's see what's inside the cabin of the Vauxhall combo

The Combo's cabin is simple yet effective, especially for a small van. This makes a Vauxhall Combo contract hire an attractive option. The materials are soft but at the same time, they feel robust and give the impression of lasting quality. There is some good storage available with large door pockets, on the top of the dash, above driver's head and under the seats. 

It is not very usual for the small vans to have three seats but Vauxhall managed to archive that with the Combo Cargo van. The fact that the central seat folds down to act as a table is a great feature as well. 


The competitors of the Vauxhall combo

The city van segment is incredibly competitive but the Combo Cargo manages just fine. Along with its cousins - the Citroen Berlingo and the Peugeot Partner, Vauxhall Combo is a tough rival to the Volkswagen Caddy, Ford Transit Connect and Renault Kangoo. Check out our finance and contract hire deals to compare which small van is best for you.

Vauxhall combo cargo lease with  COMMERCIAL VEHICLE CONTRACTS

We specialise in business van leasing and commercial vehicle leasing offering the best leasing deals on cars, vans, pickups, trucks, dropsides, tippers, Luton vans etc. We also have the best Vauxhall Combo finance deals. We supply all types of businesses, no matter if you're a sole trader looking for a single Vauxhall Combo van lease or a fleet manager interested in fleet van leasing.

Our Vauxhall van lease process is very straightforward, saving you time and money. We are here to solve all your commercial vehicle finance queries and our dedicated team will offer you expert advice and guidance. We are a proud member of BVRLA, which simply means you're in the best hands.

We offer a full range of services and extras that can be added to your Combo Cargo lease deal, including a  tail lift and a tow bar. We can also fit a ply-lining to protect your new Combo Cargo van loading area. If you're transporting chilled food we offer Vauxhall Combo refrigerated van conversions and insulated lining kit. Finally, we will take care of signwriting and wrapping for your new Vauxhall Combo adding that final professional touch. We do it all, so we are able to deliver your newly leased Combo Cargo van the way you want it, without having to go to multiple businesses.

If don't have any experience with vehicle leasing, please check our "To buy or lease a van" guide, where we talk about the benefits of leasing, including the tax benefits of leasing a business car, leasing a van or leasing any other commercial vehicle. And do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat to discuss your best options.

With Vauxhall Combo van leasing you don't have to worry about its depreciation either. The depreciation is simply how much is your van worth after a certain period of time. When you buy a vehicle you are very likely to sell it for less but when you lease instead, we include this cost in your monthly rentals.



Here, at CVC, we are committed to delivering the best business van deals on all commercial vehicle lease. If you're looking for Vauxhall Combo finance, we offer different options to finance your new van, including van contract hire or van finance lease.

You can adjust the contract length, mileage, and initial deposit and also choose between maintained and non-maintained agreement

With so many options available you can drive away in your brand new VX Combo van with confidence. Our CVC experts will find you the best possible Vauxhall Combo leasing deal on the market. Check our Vauxhall Combo Cargo offers today! 


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