PSA Group vans share platforms, but are they the same?

PSA Group vans share platforms, but are they the same?

23 March 2021 | Kate Kozlowska | 8 min read

The PSA Group uses a shared platform for CitroenPeugeot & Vauxhall small and medium vans.

Therefore, you may think that these popular vans are the same. But are they? Let's take a closer look at the PSA Group vans and find out!

Van platform sharing can easily be justified; think about the economic value it has. It's simply cheaper to share the platform than to build one from scratch. Sharing platforms is more common than you think. It's far more important what the manufacturer then does with the shared platform to make their branded vehicle individual.

Not all in the LCV market see the benefit of platform sharing. Others have complained about the PSA Group using the same platform for their small and medium vans, saying it affects innovation and makes the design process harder. We would disagree with that. We think that platform sharing leaves the manufacturer with a challenge to alter their vans and make them different. More needs to go into marketing and design to differentiate the vehicle to avoid saturating the market and to meet varied consumer needs. The only inconvenience here could be the fact that there are too many vans using the same platform. Did you know that Toyota uses the PSA Group shared platform too? Toyota uses this platform for their Proace and Proace City vans, meaning eight LCVs on the market have distinct similarities. 

What different PSA Group small vans share a platform?

Their badges may be different, but three competing small vans are using the shared platform within the PSA Group:

What medium vans use PSA Group's shared platform?

In the medium van sector, you'll find the same manufacturers as the small PSA van group, but here we've got their bigger siblings:

Despite platform sharing, all these vans have their badge, look and feel. Each particular brand has created a reputation with its pros and cons. They do indeed have some things in common, but we can assure you that this is not a bad thing.

Similarities between PSA Group vans on the shared platform

The rating factors for commercial vehicles include the loading bay, engine and cabin. That's where all the PSA Group vans, both small vans and medium vans, are the most similar.

Loading bays - the PSA Group vans have excellent and convenient loading bays with lashing points and sliding doors on both sides. Their payload ratings are also one of the highest on the market. Small vans can carry up to 1-tonne and up to 4.4m3. While medium vans easily transport loads of up to 1,500kg and up to 6.6m3. These are solid figures and make it evident as to why the vehicles are popular.

Engines - Small PSA vans give you a choice between a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine, whereas Medium vans share the fact that they are all diesel and either 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre. The majority of PSA engines offer fuel efficiency of around 40mpg. It is worth adding that the AdBlue tanks are also more substantial than those of the rivals. 

Cabins - although the cabins might not instantly look identical, each share the same design. That's a good thing because it's an efficient and well-liked layout. The cabins are spacious, even in small vans, and the fabric feels like it will last. Generous in-cabin storage can't go unnoticed, and comfortable driving height will surely be appreciated by those spending long hours on the road. We'd recommend adding a bench seat that comes with a fold-down desk if you're planning on using your van as a mobile office.

These are arguably some of the most critical van factors, and the shared platform has got them right. What else matters when your van is pragmatic, efficient and comfortable to drive - and that is the same for all eight PSA platform vans.

Differences between PSA Group vans on the shared platform

Despite the PSA Group's shared small and medium van platform, there are differences between these vans (and not just their badges). We'll prove that these vans are not identical. Ready?

Small PSA Group vans

Citroen Berlingo

Let's start with the Citroen Berlingo, the first of the small PSA Group vans to come from the shared platform and go on sale in 2019. The Berlingo is a multi-award-winning van with a modern look, excellent driving experience and affordable pricing. That's what makes it different, despite sharing a platform with Vauxhall Combo and Peugeot Partner. The Berlingo was the first small van with a low price that didn't compromise the things that make a van good - it has it all. 

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Vauxhall combo

Vauxhall Combo stands out amongst PSA vans from the shared platform. It offers an excellent traction control located on the centre console. With a twist of a knob, you can adapt this intelligent van to the type of terrain you're on - whether it's sand, mud, snow or grit, it will make sure you stay stuck to the road. 

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Peugeot Partner

The Peugeot Partner is the only van from PSA Group's small vans on the shared platform. The Peugeot Partner uses the innovative iCockpit system, which you can only find in Peugeot's passenger cars. The Peugeot Partner has a similar design but a different styled cabin from all PSA vans. Peugeot has thoughtfully tailored the Partner to offer an outstanding layout with a classy steering wheel and incredibly comfortable driving position. 

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Medium PSA Group vans

The Vauxhall VivaroCitroen Dispatch, and Peugeot Expert are different from other commercial vans because they are made right here in the UK. To be more precise, they build these vans at the Vauxhall's factory in Luton. All these vans are well put together, robust and efficient. The latest version of the Citroen Dispatch is also the first with its look, making it stand out amongst the PSA crowd. 


The Citroen Dispatch has a stylish external look and an even more stylish interior. With adjustable, ergonomic seats, the Dispatch provides a comfortable drive. However, it has a marginally lower fuel efficiency than the Vauxhall Vivaro. Additionally, its top speed is a little faster. 

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vauxhall vivaro

As standard, Vauxhall offers a comprehensive kit when leasing the Vivaro. This van paved the way for manufacturing PSA medium vans in Great Britain. The Dispatch and Expert more recently joined their cousin on British soil. Being known for a typically British van makes the Vivaro stand out and a headstart from its competitors. 

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The Peugeot Expert has similar fuel efficiency and top speeds as the Citroen Dispatch, making these two from the PSA shared platform very closely related. However, the driver's seat is arguably the most comfortable of all the vans and allows for a pleasant ride.

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Summary: are the PSA Group vans the same?

As you can see, despite sharing a platform, they're not identical. Each van has something the others don't. Maybe there are too many of them on the market (including the Toyota vans). Although this only encourages innovation in the designs, which is good for consumers. These vans have been, are and will be sharing platforms moving forward, and that's for a good reason. Platform sharing saves the manufacturers' money and allows them to offer the vans at such great prices (did you see how good our deals are!?). The PSA Group built its platform on sharing across eight small and medium vans (across four vehicle badges) to make tough and durable yet affordable LCVs for the European market. Let the haters hate if they don't like the shared platform. Still, the PSA vans have won many awards and are some of the top-selling commercial vehicles around, so you could say the shared platform is successful. 

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