New Pickup Trucks Coming Soon

New Pickup Trucks Coming Soon

14 July 2020 | Kate Kozlowska | 7 min read

Are you thinking about buying a new pickup truck?

We've got all the info on the best pickups set to go on sale in the UK soon. Let's have a look at the latest future pickups heading our way in 2021 and 2022 and look back at the best pickups of 2020 that are still taking the pickup truck market by storm. They are perfect for work with the best pickups offering a formidable, robust ride, immense horsepower, and solid towing and off-road capabilities. But the sleek interior and smooth yet rugged design cater for personal use. With double cab options (like the Nissan Navara Double Cab TT Tekna deal or Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak lease option), leaving room for the family and leisure. Read on for the best pickups coming your way.


What new pickups are coming soon?


The new Toyota Hilux Updated Toyota Hilux 2020

The biggest new pickup story at the moment is, without a doubt, the updated 2020 Toyota Hilux, which arrived in the UK late last year in 2020. Toyota has given its popular Hilux pickup a makeover making it one of its best pickups yet. The Hilux 2020 update saw a new design and revision of the chassis. It also promises a much more powerful 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine, which is a bit surprising with every other pickup downsizing its engine range. The new Hilux has by far the most considerable motor of any pickup sold here, which should be well-received by operators and lifestyle buyers alike. A range-topping Invincible X model has also been added with various styling upgrades, inside and out, over the standard model. Prices for the Toyota Hilux Invincible X Double Cab reach up to £40,475, with the standard model starting from £26,895. This cost isn't necessarily manageable upfront, so check out our latest Hilux pickup deals and the best pickup lease for finance options on this sought-after range.




The new Ineos GrenadierNew Ineos Grenadier 2022

If having a massive load area isn't a priority, but an exceptional off-road capability is, you might be interested in the new 2022 Ineos Grenadier. It looks like a born-again Land Rover Defender. Still, unlike the all-new Defender, the Grenadier promises to be available with an open-back body. You should also note that the Land Rover is a considerably more straightforward, less well-equipped vehicle with a much lighter powertrain. The target weight for the Ineos Grenadier is around 2400kg. Still, today's initial prototypes are 80 kilograms too heavy, so Ineos must reduce weight to improve the Grenadier's all-important off-road performance. The Grenadier takes some of its design from the Mercedes G-Class, which is evident in its looks.

Ineos hasn't given much away in interior design, but we expect it to be stripped-back and uncomplicated. However, it will be comfortable as the modern consumer may want all-power and no-frills in their Grenadier pickup truck. However, they do still expect comfort - a priority for the best pickup lease deals!

Due to Covid-19 delays, the project is behind schedule by a few weeks. But by the end of 2021, the first production should come off the line, with sales due to begin in 2022.



Second Generation Volkswagen Amarok

Second Generation Volkswagen Amarok Pick-up 2022

Take a look at the first official picture of the next-generation Volkswagen Amarok. VW revealed a design sketch at the annual Volkswagen media conference last year and represented first sight of VW's new pickup, built as a joint venture with Ford. Now that's exciting; with Ford's pickup truck knowledge and skill, we expect the Second Generation VW Amarok to be one of their best pickups yet.

We suspect the new Volkswagen Amarok will go on sale in 2022. VW will base the Amarok on the same underlying chassis as the next Ford Ranger. The Amarok will also maintain its combustion engine, despite Volkswagen turning most of its other models electric.

There's nothing overly surprising in the concept designs. The sketch features the now-familiar VW full-width grille, which blends straight into narrow headlights. Not only has the Amarok's window line gone from a straight edge to having a slight Ford-like kink on the rear doors. But the bonnet line also looks as if the design could have lifted it straight from the current Ranger (one of our most popular pickups)! It is almost clamshell above the headlights and flowing into the windscreen pillars – a very familiar Ranger look.



The new Isuzu D-Max

All-new Isuzu D-Max Pick-up 2021

When it comes to all-new pickups that are arriving a little sooner, the biggest news right now is that there's an all-new Isuzu D-Max on the way. The D-Max was initially supposed to reach the UK around September 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the schedule has been pushed back to early this year, 2021.

The D-Max features aggressive new looks, a more premium interior and increased capability. Including improved off-road features, longer load beds, and more safety tech - the 2021 D-Max might turn this popular working truck into much more than that.

The Isuzu D-Max pickup looks different underneath too. Isuzu has updated the suspension at both the front and the rear. The suspension, coupled with better power-steering, create a more sophisticated on-road experience, making the Isuzu D-Max 2021 a real lifestyle contender and a top pickup choice.



The new Maxus T60

LDV/Maxus T60/T70/T80

If you're not familiar with Maxus, you may know its former name – LDV. Maxus is also due to launch a pickup in 2021, which will be called the T60, T70 or T80. Maxus revealed the pickup concept last year, showcasing an aggressive air intake grille and durable rear bumper. This robust design challenges some of the best pickups - the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger van. A radical change in its immense front end now looks similar to the traditional US pickup design.

Power will come from a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine with up to 214hp. The Maxus promises its new pickup will have one of the most prominent load areas on the market. The chunky tyres suggest solid off-road capability, with talk of a 2.0-litre twin-turbo-engine. The speed and power of the new Maxus pickup will help it compete with popular alternatives, like the Ford Ranger.

There's an MG version of this truck called the Extender, but we're not expecting to see that in the UK.



The new SsangYong Musso Rhino LWB

SsangYong Musso Rhino LWB (Longbed / Grand) 2020

Musso Rhino is a lengthier version of the regular SsangYong Musso pickup, with significantly increased load space. The Musso Rhino was updated and put on the market last year in 2020. Many recognised it for its reasonable price – from £29,995 excl VAT; potentially a bargain for the spec. This new pickup is known as the Musso Grand or Rexton Sports Khan elsewhere globally. Still, in the UK, it's been officially unveiled as the Musso Rhino LWB.

Musso Rhino LWB boasts the largest load bed of any double cab pickup in the UK. It has an extra 310mm in length and an increased wheelbase too. The Musso Rhino LWB features leaf-spring suspension rather than coil-spring at the rear, which is a new feature compared to the regular Musso. This new 5.4m-long pickup has a vast 6.9-tonne gross train weight, too, so it can carry a complete payload while towing 3.5-tonnes. That's an impressive figure.

The carefully considered and fully-bodied features make this a practical working commercial vehicle. It has already seen success since sales of the Musso Rhino LWB began last year. This success could also be due to the double cab seating space accommodating five adults, premium leather seats, and a heated leather steering wheel. Making this pickup a lifestyle choice and a business vehicle - only the best pickups cater to these varying needs.



Nikola Badger pickup truck

Nikola Badger Electric Pickup

It might have a mildly hilarious name, but the Nikola Badger is - apparently - a serious piece of work. In June 2020, pre-orders were due to start. By November, Nikola Motors had pulled out of its planned electric pickup truck. This electric truck showed sign of being one of the best pickups yet due to its power but low CO2 emission. Nikola signed a deal with GM motors to fuel the electric powertrain. Still, a revised agreement saw Nikola drop the Badger. The new arrangement with GM doesn't include the development of this much-anticipated pickup truck.

The Badger was due to be the latest in an increasingly lengthy list of future electric pickup trucks from the other side of the Atlantic. The electric pickup truck would use an exotic hydrogen-electric hybrid drivetrain to suppress range anxiety with a machine of this type.

It was due also to feature four electric motors, making for a total of 906hp. Orders had been taken and were subsequently refunded. The projected US pricing was the equivalent of £70,000. Still, if this vehicle were to be made and sent across the pond, you could expect to pay a higher price as the truck would need a right-hand conversion to suit the UK. These are all hopes and dreams; as for now, the Nikola Badger is no more. Nikola Motors states: "the Nikola Badger programme was dependent on an OEM partnership." So, we won't be seeing the Badger in production any time soon but should keep an eye out for electric pickups from other brands.


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