Electric Renault Kangoo has become a top choice for fleets

Electric Renault Kangoo has become a top choice for fleets

19 October 2020 | Kate Kozlowska | 9 min read

Full electric is the current destination for fleet van leasing

Renault has become the leader in the electric light commercial vehicle sector, and aims to build on its success to date. The French manufacturer expects its EV share to be more than 10% of total sales by 2022, while also working on Drive the Future -  a target of eight electric vehicles in the next 2 years. Renault will be focusing on their electric vans more than the cars though. The reason behind it is quite simple: for delivery and logistic companies, it's not only a desire or fashion but the actual need for zero-emissions commercial vehicles to be able to operate in cities, where restrictions on vehicle emissions are becoming stricter. To meet these demands Renault has recently upgraded the battery and driving range for the Kangoo ZE and is continuously working on improving its electric vans and cars, as well as adding new ranges to its electric lineup and working actively on the EV future. The unquestionable success of Renault's small electric van - the Kangoo ZE, resulted in logistic companies requesting a bigger van with more cargo space i.e for delivering lots of light parcels and also to access the city centres during night hours, which requires vehicles that make minimum noise - and that's when the Renault Master Z.E. was born.


Electric Renault Kangoo vans are very popular among fleet van

The electric van story started in 2011 when the French mail system ordered 10,000 Renault Kangoo Z.E electric vans and evened up the EV technology.

You'd probably ask how the logistic companies deal with range anxiety but the answer is pretty simple - they don't really have to worry about mileage limits since they have set routes in which they know their driving distance.

The benefits from switching van fleets to pure electric are tangible and not only include the ability to operate within emission-restricted or zero-emissions zones or at night but also generate savings in terms of fuel and maintenance costs. Electric van uses no engine oil, oil filters, fuel filters, cambelts, has less moving parts that need replacing, is exempt from road tax, and can drive around 140 miles on a single charge.


Councils are setting a good example when it comes to electric fleet van leasing

Leeds city enhanced its fleet with 122 Renault Kangoo Z.E. electric vans in June 2020, with the aim to use 102 of them in a wide range of its services and the other 20 electric vans to be available to use by local businesses as part of the EV Trials Scheme. The new EVs are playing a major role in the Council's plan to become a carbon-neutral zone while also educating local companies on the benefits of going electric. Leeds council has also signed the Clean Van Commitment and already has more EVs than any other local authority while proudly sharing the benefits of the Kangoo electric vans with businesses and charities across West Yorkshire. The addition of the Renault Kangoo ZE vans to Leeds City Council's fleet increased the number of all-electric vehicles the council uses on a daily basis to more than 330. The all-electric Renault vans replaced the old and less efficient ones and the council plans on adding even more, having realised how practical and efficient they are.


The Southampton City Council also had 24 Renault Kangoo ZE vans delivered in the summer, with the idea of using them in the upkeep of the city.  These electric vans have also contributed to the Green City Plan 2030, which, among other targets, sets the goal of 90% of the Council's own fleet to be fully electric by 2030, when the ban on non-electric vehicles will possibly be introduced, according to the latest government plans. Renault's electric vehicles have been chosen as a result of an official tender procedure and included a mixture of body styles available in the Renault Kangoo ZE range: Renault Kangoo ZE Crew Van and both panel vans - Renault Kangoo ZE standard van and longer Renault Kangoo ZE Maxi. The Council opted for a heat pump to maintain the mileage range as recommended by Renault, and also added towbars to tow small trailers that are used to look after the city's parks, open spaces, and cemeteries.


In August 2020 another council decided to replace its fleet with the electric Renault Kangoo ZE vans. East Riding of Yorkshire Council ordered four Kangoo EVs to help its staff take greener journeys while they carry their daily tasks. The Council will spend almost £13,000 in leasing the vans for the next two years but will save around £20,000 in diesel and maintenance costs instead, which results in savings of £7,000.  That is impressive!

Councillor Gary McMaster said: “These electric vans are very much a concerted effort by the council to become more environmentally friendly, reduce our carbon footprint and bring our fleet right up to date (...) They have proved extremely popular with our council staff so far, so I’ve no doubt they will put these vehicles to the test and prove that more electric vehicles are the way forward for this council.”


Following the councils' example, the Food Train charity has recently signed for the delivery of 9 brand new Renault electric vans to fulfill zero-emissions deliveries plan in Scotland. The charity chose six Renault Master ZE and three Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE vans to provide food deliveries to the elderly struggling with mobility.

CEO of the Food Train, said: “We are delighted that our new vans are allowing us to operate in a more environmentally friendly way and support the Scottish Government’s climate change and air quality targets. However, even without the environmental benefits, they make sense for us operationally. They take the constant stopping and starting during our rounds in their stride and the Masters swallow the delivery boxes with room to spare, while the Kangoo has more than enough space for a full delivery (...)  For most of our volunteers, most of whom are retired, the Renault ZE vans are their first experience of driving and charging an electric vehicle. Some were a little wary at first, but feedback has been great, and they really enjoy the relaxed drive and comfort, with some also going so far as to explore the benefits of the regenerative braking system.”


Here, at Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we have to agree that the Kangoo ZE lease is extremely popular. We have already supplied these fully-electric vans to few councils as well as limited companies and sole traders, and have received nothing but positive feedback on their performance and extremely low running costs. Renault Kangoo Z.E is very affordable on contract hire and we always have some super special deals on these vans.  Would you like to be among other happy Renault Kangoo ZE drivers? Check our deals below.

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