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Our Ford Transit One-Stop leasing gives a cost-effective solution to a wide range of business requirements. If you have a building or landscape business, then you should be looking at our  Ford Transit One-Stop Dropside leasing deals or the Ford Transit One-Stop Tipper leasing deals. If instead you transport large items and want something smooth and sophisticated to drive around in, then we couldn’t recommend a better deal than Ford Transit One-Stop Luton van lease.

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Ford One-Stop is simply a conversion of the Ford Transit Van, offering the same iconic design. It may be a commercial vehicle but it does feel like driving a big car. All seats are big and comfortable and there is lots of handy storage space, including a large area under the passenger seat so that valuable items can be hidden safely, and also useful storage space on top of the dash. 

Without a doubt, the Ford Transit One-Stop van is built for business and designed to do the toughest jobs - and does it thanks to its versatility, durability, and flexibility. 


Ford One-Stop business van leasing deals available from CVC consist of:

Ford One-Stop Dropside lease

Ford dropside single cab and dropside double cab are both available. The body lengths range from 2.9m to 5.3m On Dropside L2 models there’s also a choice of Standard or Premium dropside float bodies. You can choose between front- and rear-wheel-drive depending on your load requirements and, of course, the terrain you're targeting. Front-wheel drive dropside has an enhanced payload and there is also a choice between dual or single rear wheel options.

Ford One-Stop Dropside is equipped with some useful features to make your work even easier:

Strong tubular steel headboard - helps protect the cab but also allows you to transport ladders securely
Load anchors - pull-up retention rings sit flat with the load platform when not in use
Fold-out steps - help to easily access the load bed when the sideboards are lowered


Ford One-Stop 1-Way Tipper LEASE

This Ford Transit Tipper leasing deal is available with a single and double cab and two body lengths (Tipper L2 and Tipper L3), as well as front- and rear-wheel-drive, where the front-wheel drive has been added to enhance the payload. Ford One-Stop Tipper van leasing deals are also available with dual rear wheels or single rear wheels, again to make the most of the payload capacity.

Ford 1-Way Tipper comes with some helpful features, which make this commercial vehicle a perfect business partner:

  • Sequenced Hydraulic Body Hold Down - a fully automatic system, which secures the body in its lowered position allowing you to carry out other tasks
    Dual-mode hinged tailboard - allows both the top-hinged and ‘tip-thru’ operation modes to be easily controlled by the side-mounted remote lever
    The Control Station - located next to the driver's seat allows you to fully control all tipper functions without leaving the cab


Ford One-Stop 3-Way Tipper LEASE

Ford 3-Way Tipper is highly recommended for delivering to sites with limited access - this tipper has been designed to deliver anywhere, even in the tightest site spots. Ford One-Stop 3-Way tipper is capable of tipping left, right, and rear.

The useful features of the Ford One-Stop 3-Way Tipper include:

  • Remote wander lead handset - this plugs into the socket below the driver’s seat to give you assured and easy control when side-tipping
    5-stage chromium-plated ram - allows you to control the tipping angle with its mounted in a durable steel gimbal, with integral shock absorbers and electrical limit switches
    Dual-mode hinged tailboard - top-hinged operations are controlled by a side-mounted remote lever, while the bottom-hinged operations - by the pillar latches


Ford One-Stop Luton / Box Van LEASE

Our Ford One-Stop Luton / Box leasing deals have been carefully selected for those businesses that need to carry larger loads, i.e removal, or delivery companies. Its body is light and nimble but without compromising on a massive payload area and durability, making these large commercial vehicles ideal to lease for multi-drop distribution.

Ford One -Stop Luton / Box Van models come equipped with handy features, like:

  • Load Retention Poles - telescopic retention poles can be easily configured in a number of ways to keep the load of any size secure
    Rear Shutter - the slatted shutter rolls up and out of the way, which provides ample headroom for easy loading and unloading
    Load anchors - further load security in a form of anchor points located in the lower rail

There are clever safety measures too, such as the emergency door-override, which stops you or your crew members from being accidentally locked into the load space.

As with the other models in the range, you can lease this Transit Luton Van with front- or rear-wheel drive, the latter of which offers dual and single options to enhance payload.

Why lease Ford One-Stop with Commercial Vehicle Contracts?

We have a huge selection of Ford business leasing deals: van leasing, truck leasing and pickup leasing, including this ready-to-be-delivered Ford Transit One-Stop range. We supply all types of businesses, no matter if you're a sole trader looking for a single van lease deal or a fleet manager interested in fleet van leasing.

Our business leasing process is very straightforward, which saves you time and money. We are here to solve all your Ford Van leasing queries and our dedicated team will offer you expert advice and guidance. We are a proud member of BVRLA, which simply means you're in the best of hands.

We offer a full range of services and extras that can be added to your Ford Transit One-Stophire deal including:

We do it all, so we are able to deliver your newly leased van the way you want it, without having to go to multiple businesses.

If you're new to leasing and still unsure if this is the best option, you can find answers to your questions in our "To buy or lease a van" guide, where we talk about the benefits of leasing, including the tax benefits of leasing a business car, leasing a van or leasing any other commercial vehicle.

When leasing your Ford One-Stop with CVC you don't have to worry about its depreciation either. The depreciation is simply how much is your vehicle worth after a certain period of time. When you buy a brand new van are very likely to sell it for less but when you lease instead, we include this cost in your monthly rentals.

Are you wondering how much does it cost to lease Ford Transit One-Stop with Commercial Vehicle Contracts?

Here, at CVC, we are committed to delivering the best business leasing deals on all commercial vehicles: van, pickup, truck, tipper, dropside, Luton van - you name it - we have the best van deals for your business.

You can adjust the contract length, mileage, and initial deposit and also choose between a maintained and non-maintained agreement. We have different Ford van finance offers available. If you're looking for a Ford Dropside contract hire or a Tipper finance lease, then you have come to the right place - we have the best commercial leasing deals. 

Sounds good? So let's choose your new Ford One-Stop van leasing deal and get you behind the wheel in no time!


Am I Eligible?

We work in partnership with many of the UK’s leading van leasing, car leasing, contract hire and finance leasing funding companies in order to provide the most competitive rates and offer you the best leasing deals possible. Our guide to eligibility will help you understand the various requirements for establishing a vehicle finance agreement.

Our Vehicle Ordering Process

Achieving the best van leasing deals and the best car leasing deals has become a key consideration in the work we do, so you can get the best leasing deals. Our process is built to ensure we accurately and efficiently identify your needs and requirements, achieve the best finance deal for you, apply for finance on your behalf and provide you with the quickest delivery possible.

Our First Class Service

At Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we ensure that every aspect of the car leasing process and van leasing process is seamlessly undertaken with full management on your behalf, meaning you can sit back and relax with the peace of mind that your chosen vehicle will arrive at your desired address matching your required needs.

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