Personal leasing post-delivery frequently asked questions

Personal leasing post-delivery frequently asked questions

Personal leasing post-delivery frequently asked questions
29 July 2020

Personal vehicle leasing post-delivery FAQs

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  • When do I need to pay my initial rental/payment?
    Your first payment/rental will usually be taken from your bank by direct debit 2 to 14 days after delivery.
  • When will my monthly rentals/payments start??

    Future rentals/payments are taken monthly after that.

  • What happens if my vehicle develops a fault or I break down?

    All vehicles come with a manufacturer warranty which is usually for three years from registration. The warranty will cover major mechanical components but excludes wear and tear items. All manufacturers also include 12 months of breakdown cover as standard (details found in the book pack in your vehicle).

  • Do I need to get the vehicle serviced?

    Yes, you must service the vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommendations, usually once a year. Please consult your vehicle's service manual to determine the service intervals. Suppose you have a Contract Hire agreement that includes maintenance. In that case, you will need to book your vehicle via the lease company's booking number.

  • Do I have to service the vehicle at the main dealer?

    You don't have to use the primary dealer as long as the garage is VAT registered and uses genuine manufacturer parts.

  • What if I need another vehicle?

    Please give us a call, and we'd be happy to discuss a quote for a new vehicle. We supply all makes and models of vans, cars and pickups.

  • What happens if I get a parking ticket or speeding fine?

    Any fine will be invoiced to you by the finance company. (an administration fee of around £35). You should pay this as quickly as possible to ensure the fine does not increase by the authority issuing it.

  • Who is the vehicle registered to?

    All leased vehicles are registered to the leasing company. Or in some circumstances depending on the funder to the end-user for the duration of the lease. Please get in touch with us if you need a copy of the V5 (registration Certificate).

  • I'm now VAT registered. How do I claim the VAT on my rentals back?

    Now that you are VAT registered, you can claim up to 100% of your VAT back when you complete your VAT return. Your accountant or advisor can help you with this.

  • Can I take my vehicle abroad?

    Yes. There are some documents required from the leasing company, including a letter of authorisation. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to obtain the documents for you.

  • Can I change my bank details?

    Yes. You can change your banking information directly with the leasing company. Unless you've changed your company type / legal status, for example, from sole trader to Limited Company, call us as we will need to transfer the agreement.

  • What do I do if my mileage changes?

    We understand that circumstances change, and doing more mileage means you're hopefully doing more business! As soon as you know this is likely to change, please get in touch with us, and we can discuss your options with you. You can find out more about changing your mileage in our 'Can I amend mileage allowance on my lease?' FAQ.

  • What if there is damage to my vehicle?

    You don't need to report it to the leasing company or us. Just contact your insurance company to have the repair done, or use an authorised repairer to fix the damage. Please remember that any damage will affect the value of your vehicle. So you may face damage changes if you have a Contract Hire agreement or negative equity if you have a Finance Lease agreement.

  • How do I get the vehicle taxed every year?

    The finance company will tax the vehicle on your behalf. If you have a Contract Hire agreement, this is included in your contract. If you have a Finance Lease agreement, this is charged to you, and you will receive an invoice to pay. From October 2014, the DVLA no longer issue paper discs to display. You can check the status of the tax on your vehicle here:

  • I can't afford my monthly payments anymore.  What do I do?

    The most important thing is to talk to us as soon as you can – please don't ignore the issue. Please call us as quickly as possible. We can talk over the situation with you and the leasing company to find a solution.

  • Can I put my private plate on my vehicle?

    It is possible to put your plate on the vehicle. As the V5 (registration Certificate) is with the leasing company, they need the relevant documentation to complete the transfer. Please call us, and we can guide you through the simple process.

  • I've been involved in an accident, what do I do?

    In the first instance, please notify your insurance company. Please give them the name of the finance company you are with to make necessary arrangements and inform the relevant parties. If the vehicle is written off and you have purchased GAP insurance, please contact us.

  • Can I end my contract early?

    Yes, you can end a contract early; we will obtain a settlement/termination figure for you from the finance company.

  • What if I need to make a complaint?

    The most important thing is to talk to us as soon as you can. Our Customer Support team is committed to resolving any problems or issues you may be experiencing. They will be happy to help.

  • My agreement comes to an end very soon, what do I do?

    Our team will be in touch a few months before the end of your contract to discuss your options. If you would prefer to contact us sooner, we will be happy to help.


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