Our vehicle leasing process - van leasing & car leasing

Our vehicle leasing process - van leasing & car leasing

Our vehicle leasing process - van leasing & car leasing
19 May 2022

CVC's leasing services are hassle-free and simple, whether you're leasing a company car, refrigerated van, or electric van.

Finding the best vehicle leasing deal

What the best finance deal is, depends on your vehicle needs. Therefore, it's essential to tell us as much detail about the contract, car, van, and terms you require and why you require it. The best van finance deal is one that fully covers your requirements. At this stage, our expert team want to find out the following to find the best finance option and vehicle:

  • Your choice(s) of vehicle
  • How/where you will use the vehicle
  • Your type of leasing agreement (Personal or Business Contract Hire, Finance Lease etc.)
  • How long you wish to run your lease for
  • What is your annual mileage

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we are obligated to advise you on deals that consider every aspect of your requirements and suitability for each deal.

How do you get approved for vehicle finance credit?

Once we have found the right business van deal and leasing agreement that matches your requirements, we will put you forward for credit to one of our many funding partners. Funding partners include Lex Autolease, LeasePlan, and BNP Parabis.

We complete a finance application form which includes:

  • Employment history
  • Bank account to confirm your address
  • Your previous and current home addresses
  • Your business addresses etc.

The underwriter checks the affordability of the finance. They also make sure that it is a real person making the request and not somebody pretending to be you. You can check your car and van lease eligibility criteria here.

We endeavour to get the quickest response to your credit application. Usually, we can gain an answer, whether good or bad, within 24-48 hours.

Vehicle order confirmation

At this point in the process, once we have secured your credit, we're ready to process the order for your new car or van(s).

We will confirm with you:

  • The details of the vehicle you're ordering
  • The length of the lease agreement
  • The monthly rental amount, along with the initial rental amount
  • The total mileage covered by the lease agreement, plus the rate for any excess mileage
  • Details of any additional items or services you have ordered
  • The end of lease procedure and the standard the vehicle will need to be returned in

How long before the new vehicle is delivered?

You've now signed your customer order form, and we are ready to push the button to order the vehicle.

We will give you an estimated delivery date for your vehicle. We base the delivery date on its availability and the length of time it may take to complete any added extras. Most of our in-stock vehicles are delivered within 2 weeks. 

Signing your vehicle finance documents

You will now receive your finance documentation from our funding partner. The documentation will need to be signed and returned to confirm your finance on the vehicle.

Suppose you're a regulated customer such as an individual, a sole trader, or a partnership of fewer than four partners. In that case, you have 14 days cooling-off period in which you can change your mind and cancel your agreement. We will never deliver your vehicle within this cooling-off period.

If you are an unregulated customer because you are a limited company or a partnership with more than three partners, there is no cooling-off period, and we can deliver your vehicle as soon as you sign your finance documents.

Delivery of your new vehicle

Our dedicated operations team will always keep you updated throughout the process of when your vehicle will be ready for delivery. Once we have confirmed with our vehicle supplier, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date, time and location that suits you. We offer free UK delivery on the mainland!

Enjoy your vehicle

Your account manager will periodically contact you to make sure everything is going well and that there are no problems that have arisen. In addition, we will always be on-hand to help you with existing vehicles or any future vehicles you may require.

As part of our package, you will receive access to our client portal. Here you'll be able to keep track of your current vehicle and previous quotes and manage your new vehicle through our portal.
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Am I Eligible?

We work in partnership with many of the UK’s leading van leasing, car leasing, contract hire and finance leasing funding companies in order to provide the most competitive rates and offer you the best leasing deals possible. Our guide to eligibility will help you understand the various requirements for establishing a vehicle finance agreement.

Our Vehicle Ordering Process

Achieving the best van leasing deals and the best car leasing deals has become a key consideration in the work we do, so you can get the best leasing deals. Our process is built to ensure we accurately and efficiently identify your needs and requirements, achieve the best finance deal for you, apply for finance on your behalf and provide you with the quickest delivery possible.

Our First Class Service

At Commercial Vehicle Contracts, we ensure that every aspect of the car leasing process and van leasing process is seamlessly undertaken with full management on your behalf, meaning you can sit back and relax with the peace of mind that your chosen vehicle will arrive at your desired address matching your required needs.

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