Tow Bars For Pick Ups And Vans

If your business requires you to have a tow bar fitted on your pick up truck or van, let us know. We will arrange for one to be fitted to the vehicle prior to delivery.
Electric tow bar


Also called a tow hitch, a tow bar is a device which is used for towing another vehicle or trailer. Tow bars are attached to the chassis of a vehicle. Examples of when tow bars are commonly used include towing aircraft and caravans.
Pick up truck tow bar

What is a Towbar?

Tow bars can consist of a tow-ball which allows articulation and swivelling of the trailer being towed. They can also consist of a tow pin and jaw with a trailer loop. This kind of tow bar is often used for agricultural or large vehicles as the nature of the pivot pin allows for the same movements. Military vehicles have their own specialist tow bar known as the towing pintle.
Ball and pin tow bar for vans

Tow-balls across Europe

Tow bars must all be a type approved to European Union directive if in the EU. 25% of the vehicles in Europe have tow-balls fixed to their vehicles. However, this statistic is weighted in specific regions. Scandinavia and Benelux are common towball areas. Over 50% of the vehicles in Sweden have tow-balls fitted. Here in the UK, our love for caravans is responsible for the large number of tow hitches on 4x4 vehicles.
Towbar for pick up truck

ISO Tow-balls

The standard ISO tow-ball measures 50mm in diameter and has been adopted by the majority of the world. ISO tow-balls fall into two main categories - the flange fitting and the swan-neck fitting. The swan neck, true to its name, has an elongated neck fitting into the tow-bracket. This kind of tow-ball is generally removable, as it is inconvenient to have a tow-ball protruding from a vehicle when not being used. Because of this, retractable tow-balls are now an option made by some manufacturers.
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Single Electrics

When all that is needed are road lights, single electrics AKA ‘12N’, are suitable. Single electrics are the perfect choice for using with a cycle carrier lighting board or a trailer.
Double electric van tow bar

Double Electrics and Relay

Double electrics are what are needed to provide a permanent live connection into something like a caravan. When aided by a relay, it is possible to use the battery charge facility and fridge in a caravan. The single electrics, plus another socket, are incorporated in the double electrics and relay. Double electrics also allow a reversing light to be wired in if it is needed.
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