Fitting Ply Lining To Your Van

We strongly recommend that you have your van fitted with ply lining for two main reasons. Firstly, to protect you from any damage charges at the end of your van lease, and secondly to protect the resale value of the vehicle itself.
Internal ply lining in van load area

What is Ply Lining?

Ply lining is inward casing for your vehicle which protects from internal damage. Made using the finest quality Far Eastern plywood, ply lining will improve the interior of a vehicle and promote a professional image for your company. First impressions are incredibly important and a van fitted with ply lining will show a customer you care about quality. Ply lining is also a great tool to extend the life of your van and protect your investment in the vehicle.
ply lining on van loading doors

Your Ply Lining

Ply lining the interior of a van improves the resale value of vehicles and works as protection for your cargo and you. A substantial amount of capital is often invested in commercial vehicles for businesses. Often in a very short space of time, shifting loads, heavy cargo, and equipment can cause internal damage from movement during transit which will dent both the van and its resale value. The durability of a vehicle is greatly improved by fitting ply lining. Wear and tear and damage to body panels are vastly reduced which will increase the life of a van and its residual value. After investing money in commercial vehicles, it’s only sensible to protect that investment by fitting ply lining.
extra thick plywood lining for vans

Our Lining

Our lining is cut by machines and finished by hand to ensure the highest quality fit. With our vast experience and knowledge, your vehicle will be in good hands with us and be protected against internal mishaps for a long time to come. The ply linings we provide can be fitted on site or off site.
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