Vauxhall Car Leasing

Vauxhall cars are considered to be an integral part of the rich British motoring heritage. The brand was bought by American motor giant General Motors in 1925, and since the end of the second world war Vauxhall has been established as an extremely successful volume motor manufacturer in the United Kingdom. From 1980, the cars shared platforms and technology with the sister brand Opel, whose name was used mainly in mainland Europe.Today, the range of Vauxhall cars is comprehensive and extremely well regarded. The Adam is a nod to the founder of Opel, whilst the Corsa remains one of the country’s favourite small cars. The Astra offers compact family motoring combined with sophisticated technology and outstanding design, whilst the spin off GTC is a bone fide two door coupe with power from turbo charged petrol and diesel engines to excite. The Cascada is also based on the chassis of the Astra, and offers elegant roof down motoring with style.At the larger end of the Vauxhall range is the Insignia. The model is a favourite with high mileage users due to the levels of comfort, safety and space offered. The technology employed in the Insignia includes the dual mass flywheel clutch used on the manual models which is proven to reduce fatigue on the drivers left knee whilst changing gear.Vauxhall also offer two cross overs, the Mokka and Crossland X, both of which are already established as family favourites due to their unique combination of elevated ride height and seating configuration. If you require serious interior space then the Zafira is surely a car to consider. The model is well respected for its comfort and durability and like all Vauxhall cars, will be looked after by their excellent after sales service at a comprehensive network of UK franchised retailers.

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