Van Storage Solutions – Internal Racking and Shelving

Not only does installing racking or shelving ensure that your van is well organised and looks professional on the job, it also keeps your load secure while on the move. We can advise on which internal storage solution is right for you and your business and help you manage the cost by spreading it over the term of the van lease.
Steel Van Racking

Your Van Shelving

In order to secure items such as hardware supplies and tools so that they aren’t loose in your van, we suggest that you invest in vehicle shelving or racking. There are many types of storage systems available that will suit those who need heavy duty storage or organisation for smaller components. We’re happy to advise if you aren’t certain which form of vehicle racking or shelving is the most suitable option for your van. Below we’ve listed and explained different forms of shelving and racking.
Linbins for commercial vehicles


Linbins are one of the most useful forms of storage ever invented. They are plastic storage containers which are mounted on a rack in your van. They come in rows and are very effective at holding small items in place during transit. It’s possible to stack them without them distorting and even attach them to louvre panels where they’ll stay in place even if they’re fully loaded.

Louvre installation in van

Louvre Panels

Louvre panels make it possible to add Linbin storage anywhere. They provide support for Linbins no matter how heavily you load them. Double sided version of louvre panels double your storage for the same amount of floor space while single sided panels are perfectly placed near to a wall.
Modular racking for lease vans

Modular Racking

Modular racking is very flexible and has many aspects which can be altered. Drawers can be rearranged or replaced and some modules can be rotated. This is very useful when mounting storage that can be easily accessible from the side door. Integrated T-Racks are also available.
Ply racking for van leasing

Plywood Racking

Plywood van racking is useful for securing accessories and light tools for transit. If your business vehicle does not carry heavy tools or machinery then plywood racking could be the option for you.
Steel and plywood internal van racking

Steel Framed Plywood Racking

This is made up from a combination of plywood shelving and steel framework. It’s used to secure goods and tools in transit. The plywood and steel combination is better for heavy duty use.
Steel racking for commercial lease van

Steel Racking

Manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, van racking of this kind is a storage option which is suitable for heavy duty use. This form of steel is corrosion resistant so is ideal for damp environments or storing paints and other liquids.
Van leasing shelving unit

Further Information

For further information on storage solutions for your van or vehicle fleet, contact us for a consultation. We’ll take you through the available options in more depth and offer advice.
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