Seat Car Leasing

Seat has been transformed as a motor manufacturer by its parent company Volkswagen. The Valencia based brand has always been popular in its native Spain, however now enjoys much wider European appeal thanks largely to the mechanicals, electrics and chassis technology that being a part of the VW Group brings to member companies.Build quality too is regarded as being first rate, right across the entire range of Seat cars, which is again an indication of the influence of the German parent. The range of Seat cars is very much like the cars themselves, neat and sensible. The MII is the Seat city car, and like it’s Volkswagen and Skoda cousins is a great package of space and style. The Ibiza is a sharp handling three or five door hatchback with a range of diesel and petrol engines. FR versions look aggressive with styling features to match the performance of the turbo charged engines.The Leon is Seat’s competitor in the compact family hatchback market sector, and the car more than holds its own. An estate version is also available for added practicality, and again the FR variants offer great performance and handling to match the sporting looks.Seat’s executive car is the Toledo, and the ethos of VW Group cars ensures that it feels and performs as well as any discerning driver would expect of a long range cruiser. If space for seven people is needed then the Alhambra offers seven seats plus luggage space, in a very cost effective package for such a large vehicle with VW Group engineering integrity.The Seat range is completed with the brand new Ateca, an award winning compact four wheel drive that has looks, on and off road performance and refinement to match any contender in this market sector.Speak to our team to find out about our cost effective leasing deals for all Seat models.

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