Petrol or Diesel? Fuel Comparison Calculator

It is often difficult to decide what fuel is right for you. Use this nifty calculator to see what savings could be made by using Diesel over Petrol.
Cost per Litre: Combined MPG Your Petrol Costs:
Cost per Litre: Combined MPG Your Diesel Costs:
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Vehicle fuel running low

Are you using the right fuel? Is your vehicle efficient?

These questions are pertinent in times when the bottom line has never been so important for business. Achieving the best possible fuel and usage efficiencies for your vehicle Fleets has to form a key consideration of Fleet Management.
A large number of businesses are running vehicles with specifications that far outweigh their business needs resulting in a huge amount of money lost on leasing fees and fuel costs.
Fuel prices are at an all time high with the average price of diesel in the UK rising from 140.32p per litre in January to 149.40p per litre in March, equating to a 6% increase in just 2 months
Filling lease car with fuel

Case Study

- Newspaper Distribution Company
When CVC first met with this company they were running a Fleet of 16 Mercedes LWB Sprinters. Following a Free No obligation consultation with a CVC Fleet expert it was recognised that the vehicles they were running where not being utilised to their full capacity. The consultation report made recommendations to the Company that they would be able to make substantial savings in moving their existing Fleet of Mercedes Sprinters over to 16 MWB Ford Transits.

How much did the company save?

Before -
The 16 vehicle Mercedes Sprinter fleet was costing the distribution company in the region of £140,496 in Fuel and £129,792 in Rental costs making the total cost of running their fleet: £270,288
After -
The 16 vehicle Ford Transit Fleet is now costing £113,232 in Fuel and £91,512 in Rental costs making the total cost for running their fleet: £204,744.
The distribution company were therefore able to save a staggering £65,544 a year and £262,176 over the course of their 4 year contract with us.