Full Fleet Analysis Consultation

Not only does installing racking or shelving ensure that your van is well organised and looks professional on the job, it also keeps your load secure while on the move. We can advise on which internal storage solution is right for you and your business and help you manage the cost by spreading it over the term of the van lease.


Lets Save Money

Would you like to save money on your commercial vehicle or company car fleet? We take pride in our ability to offer you our expert consultation which can often result in improving the efficiency of your fleet and saving your business money. We conduct our consultations with the attitude of getting an overview of everything rather than being solely focused on the monthly rate.
Fleet of lease vans

How can we help you save money?

We’ll examine your current contracts and fleet costs, and advise you on where you could be saving money or optimising your tax allowance. Things we may recommend include switching to different vehicles, becoming more carbon neutral, applying for funding, reviewing your NI contributions and tax. At CVC we pride ourselves in providing you with the best money saving information around. We’re so certain that you’ll agree, we’ll provide you with a free fleet analysis report with absolutely no obligation to continue with us.
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First Impressions

Our preferred way of providing a consultation is to arrange an appointment to meet with a client which will then allow us to discuss everything in detail. However, if a meeting is not convenient we are happy to set up a conference call or conduct it over Skype. During the meeting we will analyse your vehicle/company car fleet thoroughly. Our consultation will include the consideration of the following points:

  • The number of vehicles within your fleet
  • The contracted vehicles’ annual mileages
  • The vehicles’ current mileages
  • Vehicle types and their suitability for your fleet
  • Which funding options are available to you
  • Optimising your tax
  • Reviewing the charges due at the end of your contracts
  • The carbon footprint of the fleet and costs that are associated with this
  • The cost of operating and maintaining your vehicles
  • Fuel costs of running the vehicles in your fleet
  • Your contributions to National Insurance

If you would like to book a consultation with us, fill in the online request form or contact us using the details listed below. We’ll respond quickly so that you can make changes and start saving money as soon as possible.
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Customer Price Promise Guarantee
That is why we promise to beat any like for like van leasing quote. If you get a van lease quote that is cheaper than the prices displayed on this site, then we will beat that quote by 10% of the difference.
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