Fiat vans are well regarded as being extremely cost effective and durable, which is often the balance that LCV users require perhaps more than any other.The brand Fiat is used for LCV products in the UK, however in the rest of Europe their vans are marketed and sold under the brand Fiat Professional.In the UK, Fiat offers three vans for three distinct size related market sectors. Their smallest van for city and urban use is named the Doblo, and not surprisingly this particular model sells in greater quantity here in the UK than either of their two other LCV offerings. This is due in the main to the high demand for compact and city vans in the UK.Fiat’s mid sized vehicle which is designed to appeal to the light industrial and commercial markets is the Scudo. This model offers an excellent balance of load volume and payload and has rural and motorway capability aplenty, as well as city use due to its clever design which makes it easy for the driver to see all corners of the van from the drivers seat.The largest of the LCV offerings from Fiat is the Ducato. Available in varying load lengths and roof heights to suit the strictest of requirements from the user, this model is has a range of powerful turbocharged diesel engines to ensure that even if you maximise the three and a half ton gross vehicle weight restriction, the van can more than handle the task.

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