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What are Green Vehicles?

Environmentally friendly or green vehicles are vehicles which have a less harmful impact on the environment when compared with a standard internal combustion engine using petrol or diesel. A green vehicle will have reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.
Vehicles which are classified as being green are often powered by electricity or alternative fuels. Examples of fuels used to power green cars include hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, compressed-air and combinations of the above. Standard motor vehicles with excellent fuel economy can also sometimes be considered as being green. Increased fuel economy is often viewed as being the most cost-effective solution to reduce carbon emissions in the short term. The idea of these vehicles is that they will reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution. Eventually, it is hoped that transport will not rely on fossil fuels.
Better fuel economy with biofuel

The Biofuel Conundrum

While biofuels are an excellent way of reducing non renewable emissions, they present a problem. In order to create biofuels, food resources must be used up. Experts often suggest that this is a big factor in rising food prices. Maize prices have been particularly affected by Bio-ethanol fuel production. The current argument is that biofuels should be made from waste products or from brand new sources so they do not reduce our food supplies.
Ways of making your vehicle More Eco-Friendly
  • Make sure your vehicle has an efficient engine or uses renewable energy sources. Switching from petroleum to biofuels will also help.
  • Maintain your vehicle’s efficiency by regularly changing the oil, checking tyre pressure and factoring in engine tune ups.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight around in the vehicle as this will negatively affect fuel economy.
  • Drive more conservatively and consistently to promote higher fuel economy.
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