Which vehicle is best for me?

Range of lease vans

What do you want your vehicle to do?

Ensuring you get the right van for your business is important not just for effectiveness but for fuel efficiencies too. Getting the wrong vehicle can have a negative effect on your bottom line.
Whether you're a local plumber or a National building contractor it is important to get the right vehicle specification to match the needs of your business, so what should you consider when choosing a new van?
The first place to start would be to consider what your van is likely to be used for i.e. the size and weight of the load and the distances covered. Some of the typical questions you need to ask along with the above considerations are:
  • Will the vehicle be carrying any specialist equipment or tools?
  • Will the vehicle need any specific security?
  • What kind of access will the vehicle require i.e. side access, drop sides and tail-lifts?
  • How many passengers will the vehicle need to hold?
  • Does the vehicle need to be refrigerated to ensure a controlled temperature?

Volkswagen Caddy van in use

What do you use your vehicle for?

Your vehicle usage will generally fall into one of the following categories:
Urban delivery (Shop or Restaurant suppliers):
  • Needs to negotiate through heavy traffic
  • Needs to negotiate through narrow streets
  • Loads will need to be set down and picked up quickly
  • The vehicle is likely to need dual side access

Intra-urban delivery (Suppliers to Retail parks and Industrial estates):
  • Will probably need a larger van due to bigger loads
  • Maneuverability will not be as important due to larger turning space and access

Single-service function (Tradesman that travel to single jobs such as Building trades):
  • Vehicle will need to be optimised to carry specialist equipment and materials
  • Access and maneuverability is not as critical as urban delivery vehicles
  • Need to consider the number of staff it needs to carry

Multiple-service function (Tradesman that travel to multiple jobs in their working day such as Plumbers and Electricians):
  • May require a greater amount of storage due to the equipment/materials required for multiple jobs
  • Vehicular access may need to be multiple to access varying types of equipment i.e side and rear access


Which type of vehicle shall I choose?

Once you have identified your needs the next step would be to explore the types of vehicle available in the marketplace along with the makes and models you should be looking for:
Car-Derived Vans (CDV's)
Suitable for small deliveries or contractors with a minimal amount of equipment:
- Ford Fiesta Van
- Vauxhall Corsa Van
- Citroen Berlingo
- Micro Vans
Vauxhall Corsavan van
Light Vans
Suitable for similar operations to the CDV's as above but require larger payloads:
- Ford Transit Connect
- Volkswagen Caddy
- Citroen Nemo
- Renault Kangoo
Renault Kangoo van
Panel Vans
Suitable for businesses carrying large amounts of equipment or materials:
- Ford Transit
- Mercedes Sprinter
- Peugeot Boxer
- Renault Master
Ford Transit van
Chassis cabs
Certain manufacturers allow you to build a van to your own specification if your requirements cannot be met by the categories above such as the Ford Transit Luton Van. The main manufacturers that provide chassis cabs are:
- Ford
- Citroen
- Mercedes
Ford Transit luton box van